Archaeologists discovered the mines of King Solomon

Archaeologists discovered the mines of King Solomon

Archaeologists have discovered copper mines in the region of southern Jordan, which suggests that they might be the myth mines of King Solomon, Told CNN.

Scientists have dug the ancient center for copper products. After radiocarbon analysis of the findings, they found that it corresponds with the time of the legendary King Solomon, which ruled vast territories of the Middle East.

The discovery was made in the ancient fortress known as Kirby en Nahas, which when translated from Arabic means "the remains of copper". The name Solomon is mentioned in the Old Testament by ruler and owner of the rich gold mines.

After the year 1885, Henry's Hagard bestseller "Mines of King Solomon" born the legend of the mythical treasure of diamonds, gold and ivory. American archaeologist Thomas Levy said that during his work he should not only analyze scientific data, but to collate them with the ancient texts. The study showed a match with biblical text.


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