Make-up of ancient Egyptians protected against infections

Make-up of ancient Egyptians protected against infections

Thick painted eyes of the ancient Egyptians were not only beauty but also a healthy goal. Namely, to protect them from infection. Assumption groups voiced by French scientists to the "National Geographic".

Ancient Egyptians believed that make-up ocular had magical properties, drawing eyes so they can provide protection from the gods Ra and Horus against diseases such as eye infections such as conjunctivitis, which are commonly found in marshy areas near the Nile.

Generally found in the make-up of the Egyptians are four components, based on the lead. It was therefore considered that the make-up of Cleopatra and her subordinate was harmful.

Make-up of ancient Egyptians protected against infections

The new study, however, is not so. The make-up contained low doses of lead salts. They have positive qualities, as in contact with skin they stimulate the production of nitric oxide. This is a chemical that stimulates the immune system and helps in the battle against bacteria.

"Two of the components contained in the make-up of the Egyptians, are not found in their natural state and has required 30 day to be created. In my opinion, the Egyptians knew that these ingredients improve Health and produced them intentionally, " reported one participant in the study, from the University Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris.

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