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Dreamt of a Door? Here`s What to Expect

Dreams of Doors

The door is an element that appears relatively frequently in our dreams and is usually linked to home comfort and family. As such, some of the dreams in which it is present have something to do with our relatives and our relations with them. At other times, the dreams are directed solely at us and our inner world. See below how they may be interpreted in greater detail:

- If you dream of an old, creaky or broken door, expect troubles. Efforts you've invested are not going to yield the results you've been hoping for, or someone is going to mock you.

- If in your dream you witness a door that's opening and closing, it's highly likely that someone in your family gets you involved in fuss and drama without you agreeing to it. The same dream also portends that you're going to hear foul words aimed at you.

- If you dream how you're trying to get inside but the door is locked, this is a bad sign. It means that you're going to ruin your relations with one of those closest to you. According to another interpretation, one of your hopes is going to be completely shattered. This dream may also foreshadow problems at the workplace, as well as financial losses. A locked door may also be a sign that you're striving for people and activities in real life which aren't suitable for you.


- If you dream that you're going out in front of a door, it's a sign that you're going to pass through many hardships but will be able to overcome them with the help of friends or relatives.

- If you see a door of your home on fire, be extremely careful. This dream portends that a tragedy may occur in your family.

- If you see yourself breaking down a door in your dream, it means you're going to make your own way in life and will attain, with incredible efforts, what others refuse to give you.

- If you dream that you're opening a door, it means new people are going to appear in your life and that it's likely your family will grow. This same dream can also be warning you of unexpected guests that are going to visit you next day.

- If you see several doors in front of you in a dream, it indicates that you're going to have new opportunities in life but are going to have to choose between them, a task not at all easy.


- If you're trying to have a child, the appearance of a beautiful door in your dream portends that your desire will come true.

- If you dream that you're going through a door toward a beautiful light, it's a sign that you're growing spiritually and that your life is going in the right direction.

- If you've suffered a love disappointment and dream of a door, expect to meet someone new and have opportunities for a relationship.



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