Does poor sleep have influence on the psyche?

Poor sleep

Mental disorders such as depression and Parkinson's disease for example, adversely affect the development of sleep. Use of medicinal ingredients, drugs and alcohol in large quantities also disturb sleep.

Types of insomnia

- Primary insomnia is when a person experiences difficulty in sleeping, which are generally caused by a very high concern or fear.

- Central sleep characterized by frequent awakening during the night leading the main problem being able to stay asleep.

- Final sleep characterized by early morning awakening is often accompanied by depressive symptoms.

Is there a connection with violations in mental health and Insomnia?

When one is trying to make up missed sleep, they are acting upon a vacuum in the clock. The sleep at night is aimed at finding a way for mutual reconciliation between the conflicting motives of the day, which is realized through images in the dream.

In achieving this a contract between conflicting motives in the language of dreams disappear leading preconditions for accumulation of fatigue and irritation, and thus remains the norm.

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