The Most Common Reasons for Recurring Dreams


Many people experience recurring dreams. This is a pattern where we dream the same thing over and over for days, weeks and even months on end.

Experts agree that we need to pay heed to recurring dreams because this phenomenon is a sign of a serious problem that needs to be resolved.

If you've constantly been having the same dream for some time, this means that something has taken hold deep in your mind and this strong impression is now getting in your way. Our subconscious is sending us a signal about this problem through our dream.

In most cases, recurring dreams contain an exceptionally unpleasant subject, which may end up having a negative influence on your emotional state in real life.


It is because of this that you must find out the meaning of such dreams. There are 3 main reasons due to which they most often occur:

1. Psychological - the most common cause of a recurring dream is a psychological problem that's bothering you. It can be related to an unpleasant situation at the workplace or with the family. It's possible for it to also be some type of fear, such as using public transport or fear of the dark;

2. Somatic - recurring dreams also happen during a health problem, of which we are yet unaware of. Most commonly, recurring dreams are a telltale sign of digestive disorders, cardiovascular problems and infectious diseases. So if you've been dreaming the same thing for a while, visit your doctor;


3. An unsuitable sleeping environment - you should also not underestimate the place where you sleep. It too can induce recurring dreams. The unpleasant dream may reoccur because of an uncomfortable bed, light from a lamp, or the room may be too stuffy.

Recurring dreams may stop if after you determine the problem, you solve it.

You can also keep a dream journal to help you by writing down the events and images that you've witnessed in the recurring dreams.

Write down everything you remember as soon as you wake up. Wait a few hours to clear up your consciousness before you read what you've written.

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