Nightmares That Everyone Has


Studies done by American and Japanese researchers revealed that regardless of nationality, every person has 5 main nightmares, whose plots are fairly similar in each case.

Teeth falling out

From studies carried out by American anthropologists in 1958 it became evident that 20.8% of Americans and 16.1% regularly dreamed of their teeth falling out.

According to psychologists, this dream symbolizes man's fear of death and the more often a person has it, the greater their fear for their life and health.

The philosopher Thomas Hobbes believed that a nightmare of teeth falling out indicates that the given person is not happy with their present situation.



At least once in their lifetime, every person has dreamed that they were being tested at school, with this nightmare not being limited to just students but also people who have long ago completed their education.

It is believed that nightmares related to testing show a given person that they have reached their limits and that they are afraid that they will not be able to meet the expectations of relatives and colleagues.

Falling from high up

Falling from high up also falls among the most common nightmares had by the majority of people.

Falling in a dream symbolizes the respite a person needs, because according to experts, if you have this nightmare, it means that you are trying to control everything in your daily life and this puts strain on you.


Jail or a trap

A nightmare in which the person is locked in a room or jail and feels trapped, without there being any hope for escape, signifies that that person feels incredibly insecure.

Psychologists explain that billions of people have this nightmare and that they usually have problems with their children, income or profession.

Experts recommend for those people to step out of their routine and try to change their familiar day-to-day reality in some way.

Being naked

Among the most popular nightmares is also the one where you are naked in front of a large group of people.

According to Freud, whenever a person fears a dream in which they are naked in front of many people, it means that they are worried about their reputation and the way they are overall seen by others.

Being naked in a dream further symbolizes that you are trying to hide something which may embarrass you.

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