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Determine your element

Nina NordNina Nord

According to astrology, each one of us can determine our element by the date of our birth. For example, Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio belong to the element of water.

Element of fire is for Leo, Sagittarius and Aries, Air - Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, and the earth is - Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

To be sure, however, what is your element, you need to know the elements of the season. For example, if you were born from 22 March to 21 June, then your element is fire. If you were born from 22 June to 23 September, you are earth element.

If born between 24 September and 21 December you are patronized by air and those born from 22 December to 21 March, under the auspices of the water element.

Determine your element

Every day of the week also belongs to a different element, and the era in which man is born - it changes every fifty years. For example, those born from July 1899 to June 1949 were in the age of the earth.

Those born on Tuesday during this era are patronized by fire, and born on Saturday and Sunday - from the earth element. People born on Wednesday and Thursday are under the control of air, and those who were born on a Friday or Monday are patronized by water.

Age of air is people born from July 1949 to June 1999. If born on Tuesday or Thursday, you are under the power of fire. Born on Saturday - power of earth. Element of air protects those born on Wednesday and Sunday, the element of water – those born on Monday or Friday.

Born in the era of water are those that have emerged to light in July 1999 to June 2049. Tuesday or Thursday are under the power of fire. Element on earth is for people born on Saturday and Sunday. People born on Wednesday, are subject to air, and those who were born on Sunday or Monday - are in the power of water.

If you want to know with certainty the proportion of the elements you need to know your time of birth. If you were born between six in the morning to twelve noon, then fire is in you. If you were born twelve noon to six pm, you are subject to the ground.

Born from six pm to midnight are people who are subjects to air, and those born from midnight to six o'clock in the morning are in the power of water waves. Do not be surprised if you have several elements. This is common, especially among people born under the sign of Gemini.



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