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Ten Signs you`re a Typical Sagittarius

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Sagittarius is the 3rd fire sign of the zodiac, owing his lively and energetic character to the fact, while also being a mutable sign and as such, Sagittarii aren't the types of people that can sit in one spot for long.

Even if you're not a Sagittarius, it's possible for the Moon, ascendant, Mercury or another of your personal planets in your natal chart to find itself in Sagittarius and for you to therefore possess some of the characteristics of this zodiac sign.

You can find out how much of Sagittarius's energy you carry within you by reading below to find out the positive sides typical of this zodiac sign.

1. You love to travel


To Sagittarius, the best way to expand his worldview is to travel and to meet people of different cultures and nationalities. This enriches and is fun for him. It's no wonder then that the typical Sagittarius is always talking about his plans for the next trip abroad.

2. You're always thinking

Sagittarii are known for constantly being lost in their thoughts. You can be very serious and talk about truly important things that others pay attention to, which is only possible after long hours of analysis. You reach insights in life on your own, with which you impress others and owe your reputation as an intelligent and wise person to.

3. They call you a philosopher

Sagittarii always seek the hidden meaning behind everything that's happening to them, thereby making them true philosophers. They are convinced that everything has a deep and higher meaning, which leads some to think they are simply looking for something that isn't there. However, this sign is trying to understand the world around it and is always asking "Why".

4. You love luxury and expensive items

Sagittarii love extravagance. They like good food, expensive clothes and shiny possessions that provide them a certain status in society. It's important for them to stand out in a crowd and they don't shy away from demonstrating a wealthy lifestyle, which others envy and adore them for. However, Sagittarii are not stingy either, always ready to treat their friends and loved ones to something.

5. You're an adventurer

The greatest nightmare for a typical Sagittarius is routine. They are individuals born for fun and adventure, so if you have a representative of this sign in your social circle, you're never going to be bored. They're often coming up with ideas that seem unserious and crazy but fun and will be remembered for a long time to come.

6. You always tell the truth

Sagittarii aren't the type of people who can keep their opinion unspoken, and, especially when they're sure that they're right, be prepared for the cold, harsh truth. Others often call them brutal and untactful but for a Sagittarius it's a worse crime to be dishonest by biting their tongue and not speaking the truth, instead of possibly offending someone.

7. Knowledge and education are important to you


It would be a great disappointment for a Sagittarius if he were not to graduate with a college degree. They want to attain a bachelor's degree, to complete a master's, then a 2nd master's and finally a doctor's degree. This is because Sagittarii are constantly seeking enrichment - on the material, spiritual and educational level. It's important to them for their knowledge to grow.

8. You're optimistic

Sagittarii are considered to be born lucky, which is actually due to their inborn optimism. They always see the glass as half full and not half empty, with their mindset that everything will work out helping them resolve all kinds of problems. Sometimes they are seen as childishly naive but the fact is that thanks to their positive way of thinking, they come out the winners in every situation.

9. You're religious

Sometimes it may seem as though a Sagittarius is striving only for material comfort but at his very core he is more a person of the spiritual, rather than the material. Typical of Sagittarius is the belief that there exists a higher power and a higher intelligence. Whether he believes in God or other spiritual teachings, a Sagittarius is never satisfied with the idea that we were born to simply die.

10. You're freedom-loving

Sagittarii don't tolerate any kind of interference in their personal space. They want to make their own decisions in their life and the more limitations you put on them, the more they'll distance themselves from you. Sagittarii want to always have the option of leaving - their relationship, home, country and if you think you can smother them, you've got the wrong person.