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Ten Signs you`re a Typical Libra

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Libras are the 2nd air sign of the zodiac, and as such always aim to realize themselves through communication with others. They are also a cardinal sign, which often puts them in a leadership role.

Even if you're not a Libra, it is possible for your ascendant, descendant, Moon or one of your personal planets to be in the air sign, and as such for you to take on some of its characteristics.

Find out the 10 typical positive traits of Libra to determine how much of the sign's energy you carry within you.

1. You're beautiful

As a sign ruled by the planet of beauty, Venus, the typical representatives of the sign of Libra can boast of an attractive appearance. They possess a fantastic smile and traits that fall into the profile of classic beauty. It is impossible for them to remain unnoticed, due to their alluring appearance.

2. You're an aesthete


The typical Libra bows down before everything beautiful in this world and tries to recreate it through their clothes, makeup, nails and hair. Representatives of the sign consider it genuine sacrilege for a person to walk out the house looking as if they had just gotten out of bed without spending at least 5 min. in front of the mirror making themselves look aesthetically acceptable.

3. You can't imagine life without a partner

Libra's big dream is to meet their soul mate and organize a fairy-tale-style wedding. It's characteristic for typical representatives of the sign to seek a partner at all costs and have that person be one whom they can talk to openly and lean on in hard times.

4. You're polite

Libras are very careful and good-mannered when they speak. They try not to offend you in any way and not leave a false impression, hence their constant use of polite expressions. Typical Libras believe that you can go further with hints and a kind attitude than with crude directness.

5. You're interested in the lives of others

As an air sign for whom communication is priority, Libras want to know everything about others. They keep constantly digging for new information, which they use to try to work out the puzzle and learn more about the person across from them. They'll ask others, check your Facebook profile regularly and strive to figure out the kind of person you are.

6. You're a shopaholic


Libras find it hard to go a day without completing their rounds at the boutiques. They love buying new things, especially clothes. They have to have all the latest seasonal trends. Because of this, they're not among the people who can brag about solid personal savings but do have a rich wardrobe.

7. You're the mediator in the group

When a conflict arises, the typical Libra puts himself in the middle, will hear out both sides and try to make peace between them. They'll try to quell the tension, urging the hostile sides to find a peaceful resolution - by laying out their views peacefully and compromising, without yelling, screaming or using insults.

8. You try to steer clear from physical work

The typical Libra is renowned for being quite a lazy person, who's not going to jump with enthusiasm if he has to move boxes around or help renovate. They can help you with advice on how to make a room more beautiful but don't expect their aid with any kind of physical work.

9. You're social

Libras try to build solid relationships and find people with whom to communicate easily. For them, working somewhere where they can't find friends to spend their lunch break with is equivalent to being dead. They thirst for communication and surround themselves with people they share interests with that they can talk to for hours.

10. You're objective

If you'd like for someone to serve you the objective truth in a diplomatic way, find yourself a typical representative of Libra. They can tell you how you see yourself, how others see you and what mistakes you have to fix in order for things to start going your way. A Libra's greatest skill is their ability to tell the truth in a soft and poetic way, in order not to hurt the person's dignity and feelings.