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Ten Signs you`re a Typical Pisces

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Pisces are the 3rd water sign of the horoscope, which determines their strong emotionality. They are also a mutable sign, to which they owe the constant life changes they undergo.

In astrology, however, Pisces are also linked to the 12th House, as well as their sign ruler Neptune. So, even if your sign isn't Pisces, you may possess many of its characteristics if you have an active 12th House or Neptune.

It is possible, if your ascendant, descendant, Moon or one of your personal planets is located in Pisces, to recognize your own characteristics in the sign's description.

Find out how much of Pisces's energy you carry within you by reading about the 10 traits typical of the star sign.

1. You have a strong intuition and prophetic dreams

Even though Pisces are seen as the most naive sign in the horoscope, they actually have a flawless intuition, although they don't always listen to it. Often their very body hints that they're making the wrong decision, plus they dream prophetic dreams that clearly show them what they need to do. Even if they don't remember specific symbols from a dream, they mustn't forget the emotions from it because they provide them clear messages about the future.


2. You believe in the spiritual and supernatural

Pisces believe they're alive not because of pure chance but because of a mission that their soul has come to Earth to complete. They are spiritual individuals, which is why they're interested in astrology, karma, rebirth, psychology. They're constantly seeking their place in the universe and trying to interpret the signs of fate, to make sure that they're on the right path. They love reading about the supernatural, in order to touch upon the energies invisible to our eyes.

3. You have talent

You'd be hard-pressed to find a representative of Pisces or a person with many planets in the water sign that doesn't possess a talent. They're either singers, or writers, or remarkable artists. Most often, they demonstrate this gift from a very early age and should not give up on it but instead perfect it, regardless if in the form of a profession or just as a hobby.

4. You're incredibly interested in the arts

Pisces adore music and can spend the entire day with their headphones on their head. Curiously, they prefer sad and depressing songs to upbeat and positive ones. This sign is drawn to the arts in all of its forms - drawing, painting, interior design, literature, dance, singing. What's important to them is to do something they've put their heart into, something that bears a powerful message.

5. It's hard for you to get out of bed

Pisces are known for being big-time slackers. Ever since they were kids they've found it difficult to get out of bed, while sleeping all day is their life's dream. This sign loves to lay around, stare at a single point and do everything possible to delay physical activity. But even if they've slept 10 hours last night, their gaze will appear exhausted and absentminded.


6. You like animals more than people

Representatives of Pisces are often vegans, vegetarians or at least take care of animals at home. The reason is that Pisces absolutely love animals and sometimes consider them more benign than humans. You can hurt or bring a representative of this sign to tears if you tell them a story that ends with animal cruelty or murder.

7. You like being alone

The most pleasant company for Pisces is their own. They love to isolate themselves from others and have time out of each day when they're alone with their thoughts. Don't think that they're avoiding you because they think you uninteresting or anything like that. No matter how much you provoke their interest, they are born introverts and always have need of a few hours of complete solitude.

8. You're always dreaming and fantasizing

It's as if Pisces are the kinds of people who don't know where they are most of the time. Their head's always in the clouds, they're preoccupied and not listening to what you're telling them; you may even conclude they're living in an imaginary world, thanks to which they are on the edge of complete insanity. The reason is that they're big dreamers, who are unable to control their imagination. That's why you'll often find them fantasizing and not listening to you.

9. You love peace and quiet

Pisces strive for peace and quiet at all costs, due to which they are described as irresponsible and lazy, although their emotions are way too deep and they take things much more seriously than they really are. Even the simplest things can make them lose control, which is why they avoid conflicts at all costs and prefer to stay home.

10. You believe in unconditional love

Pisces dream of being in a relationship but not for the partnership itself (having a person by their side) but because they want to love. To them, love is the most valuable thing in life and they're ready to give out handfuls of it to the people around them. They're generous when it comes to emotions but you have to be prepared because their cheerful mood goes hand in hand with chronic depression; if they're laughing one moment, they can be crying the next.



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