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Ten Signs you`re a Typical Aries

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Aries Red Color

Aries is the 1st fire sign of the zodiac, which is why he has such a bright individuality. They are also cardinal signs, which transforms them into talented leaders.

In astrology however, Aries are also linked to I House, as well as their sign ruler Mars. So even if you're not an Aries, you can still possess many of their characteristics if you have an active I House or Mars.

It is possible, if your ascendant, descendant, Moon or one of your personal planets is located in Aries, to recognize your own characteristics in the sign's description.

Find out how much of Aries's energy you carry within you by reading about the 10 traits typical of the star sign.

1. Red is your favorite color

The typical Aries adores the color red. You'll spot it in the colors of their clothes, accessories and makeup, plus they often decide to dye their hair red. The color of passion coincides perfectly with the description of Aries, since they are quite impulsive and when something provokes their interest, they direct all of their energy, enthusiasm and ardor toward it. Either they do something with passion or they don't do it at all.

2. You often accidentally cut, burn yourself and knock over everything around you

Cut Finger

Aries are disaster in the flesh. If they touch a sharp object they always cut themselves, while often not even noticing how they're raising their voice while talking. Their primitivity and spontaneity are expressed even in the simplest everyday tasks - they'll hit the door on the way in, they'll bump into a chair and knock your cup over accidentally.

3. You want things to happen right away

A typical Aries has no patience for anything, so don't go to them for projects the results of which are expected after months or years because by then their interest will have vanished completely. Aries join in every new task with fervor but expect the process to run swiftly because their concentration is like a little kid's, while routine annoys and infuriates them.

4. You're a fighter

Gamer Girl

But when an Aries has a clearly defined cause and wants to realize it exactly the way he wants to, nothing can stop him. Some call it stubbornness, others - perseverance, but whatever the case, Aries can be dedicated to their own dreams beyond all reason. They can hit their head in the wall 1000 times but will ultimately make a hole through it.

5. You learn on your own

Everything that a typical Aries knows they've learned from personal experience - through the concept of trial and error. They're independent and never wait for anyone to come by, grab their hand and teach them something new. When they realize that they don't know something, they seek information out themselves and apply it in practice. Aries don't like going down the beaten path, which is why they get irritated when someone tries to lecture them and impose pre-made models on them.

6. You're always giving ideas

Boss Girl

You can also spot a typical Aries by the fact that they're often offering something new. They're always inventing or thinking of plans for the future, which they rarely realize because their enthusiasm quickly fades. For Aries, change is as important as the air he breaths, which is why he's constantly coming up with new ideas, all while dreading the thought of staying in one place for too long.

7. You love sports

A typical Aries is an energetic person, something that's made evident both by the boisterous hand and body gestures, as well as their love of sports. For them it's important to use up their energy via various physical exercises, especially if they've spent the greater part of the day sitting in one spot.

8. You have a childlike composure

Typical of Aries is to look younger than he really is, both physically and spiritually. They're the type of people who will laugh out loudly at your jokes, without any consideration for their setting or the old folks around them, and will never turn down an offer to do something crazy. They always have a wide smile on their face and try to have fun.

9. You can't stand lies

Out of all virtues, Aries value sincerity most of all. They're the type of people who will always tell the truth to your face and expect the same from you. Aries are naive and may fall for your manipulations at first but once they find out you've been lying to them and have misplaced their trust, they're capable of burning you with their fury.

10. You try to boss around others

This is a quality that Aries possess as a whole. Wherever they end up, the typical Aries immediately settles into a leadership role and starts bossing others around. They insist on bossing others around both at work and in the family and even make sure that they always have the last word among their friends. But forget about trying to order them around because no matter how you try to influence their opinion, they'll do what they see fit.



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