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Ten Signs you`re a Typical Scorpio

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Scorpio is the 2nd water sign of the zodiac, which makes him intuitive and highly emotional. Plus he's a fixed sign - he knows what he wants, how to get it and how to keep it.

Even if you're not a Scorpio, it's possible for the Moon, ascendant, descendant or one of your personal planets in your natal chart to find itself in the water sign and for you to therefore possess some of the characteristics of this zodiac sign.

Continue reading to find out what the 10 characteristics attributed to the typical Scorpio are. You'll also see how much of Scorpio's energy you carry with you.

1. Black is your favorite color

Every true Scorpio loves to sit in the shade and analyze everything going on in the sidelines. They don't like being the focal point for others, are extremely secretive and you never know anything with complete certainty about them. With that said, the color that symbolizes darkness - black - is their favorite. They love dressing in it from top to bottom.

2. You have a potent sexual energy


There's no zodiac sign more sexual than Scorpio. They rarely end the day without exercise between the sheets and if you ever happen to deprive them of sex, expect a thunderstorm beating down on you because all of that energy has to go somewhere.

3. You love extreme sports

The typical Scorpio loves life on the edge. They're attracted to extreme sports, such as high-speed driving, drifting, bungee jumping, skydiving. They love the adrenaline rush and letting out their self-preservation instinct when in a life-threatening situation.

4. You're the psychologist in the group

Most Scorpios are a good judge of character and are rarely wrong in their assessment. This transforms them into psychologists without even opening the book on psychology. By trusting their intuition, they can flawlessly pick out the right people to have around them and can help you do the same. It's like they have X-ray vision and can very accurately point out the areas in which you need to improve.

5. The circumstances around you are constantly changing

A key word of the typical Scorpio is transformation. Their life is accompanied by great changes, both on the outside and inside. Considerable losses and victories are constantly taking turns and if they should find themselves in a low point, Scorpios should never forget that they can always go up. They easily give in to various addictions when they don't feel satisfaction out of life.

6. You often feel that you're alone against everyone else


Typical of Scorpios is the deep-rooted belief that no one understands them, that those around them want to change them to their core or that someone wants to betray or lie to them in the most despicable way possible. It's extremely rare for them to say that they have a person in their life whom they trust completely because they're dogged by doubt to the end and will test you on a daily basis to check their fears.

7. You like horror movies

Scorpios are hard to scare and even love provoking their fears with things that most people avoid, such as horror movies. They strive to watch the most realistic flicks possible, in order to experience the full intensity of their emotions. There's no horror film that a typical Scorpio would refuse to watch.

8. You obsess over every emotion of yours

A person with a strong Scorpio in their natal chart is one who digs deep in their emotions. This often provokes the obsessions typical of this sign but Scorpios can't just wave their hand in dismissal whenever something happens. They have to find the link between the cause and effect, even if this means that they'll obsess and become subordinates to a given subject or person.

9. You love to dominate

Most Scorpios love power. They love thinking that they are more capable and that they're making the rules. Since they are highly intuitive, they can easily determine the kind of setting they find themselves in, the kind of people they're among and how to adapt. Don't expect subordination from them, even if you just hint at it, they'll press your weak spot and force you to quickly draw back.

10. You attract the opposite sex without lifting a finger

It's not at all difficult for Scorpios to find suitors because they possess an inborn magnetism that attracts the opposite sex. All it takes is for them to glance just once at the person they're interested in and set the bait in order to attract their attention.



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