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Plan your Day Based on your Daily Horoscope - May 12


Mars in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces are in a tense aspect today, which can create illusions on the one hand and lead us to make wrong decisions but if you're a person interested in the creative field, your day is going to be highly productive.

The angle between the planet of action and planet of fantasy is going to unlock our imagination, which is going to present its own positive and negative sides. If your work demands high concentration, it's going to be hard for you to do things perfectly but your artistic self will come out in the open.

Later on in the day, the Moon will transition into Sagittarius and make us more positive, even if we've been facing certain failures. Don't lose faith in your abilities just because you haven't met others' expectations on this day.


Throughout the day, it would be wise to postpone the projects that require you to express your competitive nature because you're not going to be in good shape. Don't try to impose your will at any cost because this will pull you into very complicated situations that'll be hard for you to get out of later on. Spend more time alone instead.


Today, you'll go farther with gentleness and tact and it'll be easier for you to deal with the challenges. Try to maintain peace around yourself, not quarrels, and try to put yourself in others' shoes. The day promises you plenty of beneficial collaboration and reliable partners in the future, if you're more tolerant toward others right now.


Display more persistence over the course of your work today, even if you've no shortage of obstacles. Only with firmness in the face of the problems will you be able to successfully finish what you've started. Don't undervalue what others have to say about your decisions lately because thanks to them you'll be able to solve certain problems still in their infancy.


Don't blame yourself if today you need more time for breaks than work and devote your free time entirely to idleness. You can read books, draw or watch TV, as long as these provide you pleasure. Put off all serious tasks and give in to your favorite hobbies.


Maintain your composure today because if you don't act reasonably, you may make serious mistakes. You may be more distracted than usual, so look toward others for assistance. Work with loved ones will be much more successful than individual such, plus it will bring you closer.


The day is suitable for starting something new but be ready for more improvisation, as your plans won't transpire exactly as you had in mind. You may resolve financial issues that have been plaguing you lately or increase your earnings drastically. Expect to meet interesting people later on, while your intuition will provide clues as to whom among them deserves your trust.


Try to be more observant throughout the day because the answers you're looking for may actually be all around you but you may just be overlooking them. It's not recommended adding fuel to the fire of small disputes and even if you believe you're right, it's better to back down. Today you may meet influential allies and benefactors, who will be impressed by your abilities to work as part of a team.


Successes await you today if you activate your inventiveness and ingenuity. You're acting in a slightly more nonstandard way and even though others around you will think your behavior strange, it is thanks to it that you'll achieve your goals easier. Show initiative both in your personal, as well as your professional life, even if this means acting more eccentrically.


The day is going to present you quite some interesting meetings and whether or not the setting is informal or not, try to be the center of attention. You may even meet people with whom you'll begin long-term collaboration, or even come across individuals with whom you did not end relations in the best of ways in the past. No matter what the situation may be, be sure you're the one to make the 1st step toward change.


During the day you may have great successes at work, if you try to start on your planned tasks early on. Don't postpone the important things - the earlier you get to work on them, the better your chances for success. Toward the end of the day, you can allow yourself a well-deserved break, while the satisfaction will be greater.


Complete the important tasks during the 1st half of the day because later it's going to be hard for you to concentrate, with this severely affecting the quality of your work. Be patient and mindful whenever you have to work with others; it's actually best if you work alone because that way you'll concentrate better on your tasks.


Even though you're going to have to deal with quite a few hardships today, it's better to take them head-on, instead of pretending they don't exist. Burying your head in the sand isn't a policy that's going to allow for progress. But if you calmly analyze your mistakes and come up with a new plan, you have all the chances for realizing your dreams.