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Venus Enters Taurus and Changes our Fortune

Antonia R.Antonia R.

From June 6 to July 5, Venus, the planet responsible for love relationships, beauty and harmony, will be traveling through the earthly and pragmatic Taurus.

In astrology, the zodiac sign of Taurus is linked to physical pleasures of any kind - from food to sex. The sign pursues material prosperity and values. Security is important for Taureans because it allows them to live the way they would like to.

When the planet of love ends up in this sign, it will make us more loyal toward our partner but we may also act possessive toward them.

We're going to prefer surrounding ourselves with people who share our opinions and interests and don't force us to change.

Even though love relationships require great compromises, we're going to have more of a tendency to impose our opinion and put our needs first.


Venus in Taurus predisposes us to experiencing minute pleasures from the purchasing of new clothes or eating a serving of our favorite food. But we must not be too indulgent because gaining excess pounds is something all too easy in this period, while shopping without limit will cause us severe headaches.

Venus in this position provokes us to seek beauty in its material forms. We may find our desire to change up our look, such as getting a new hairstyle or new clothes, on the rise.

Money is also going to be something that greatly preoccupies us. With the transition of Venus into Taurus, our material security becomes a priority and if we're consistent in our ideas, we are going to increase our earnings.