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Karmic Horoscope - Pisces, Aries and Taurus

Nina NordNina Nord
Pisces Star Sign

Karmic Pisces are born from January 6, 1932 to July 25, 1933; from August 17, 1950 to March 6, 1952; from March 29, 1969 to October 16, 1970, as well as from November 8, 1988 to May 28, 1989.

The task of Pisces is associated with spirituality, creativity, religion and inspiration. A common mistake is that they constantly come up with ideas that are impossible to achieve. Careerism is not the passion of Dragon Pisces. They will accomplish much if they focus on higher goals, if they are loving and compassionate, they seek harmony. They can achieve great success in art. Dragon Pisces are the ideal educators of children and grandchildren.

Aries Star Sign

Karmic Aries, or so-called Dragon Aries are people who were born from June 18, 1930 to January 6, 1932; from January 28, 1949 to August 17, 1950; from September 9, 1967 to March 29, 1969 and from April 20, 1986 to November 8, 1987.

In the past, Dragon Aries have accumulated a desire for harmony and peace. These qualities must be used as support for new attributes - leadership, activity and independence. People with such a karmic task can excel where initiative and courage are required, and even chivalry to some extent. This is the karma of warriors, leaders and stars. In the karma of Dragon Aries, there is belligerence and justice.

These people make perfect surgeons and military leaders. If a Dragon Aries tried to take a passive position and hide behind someone's back, fate would put them in such conditions where they would be unable to make their own choice.

This is the last incarnation in a cycle of twelve lives, and it requires you to be a leader in every field. Destiny requires you to constantly seek more, both in the professional and spiritual realm.

Taurus Star Sign

Karmic Taureans have a Lunar Node in Taurus. These are people born from July 11, 1947 until January 28, 1949; from February 19, 1966 to September 9, 1967; from October 1, 1984 to April 20, 1986, as well as from May 25, 2003 to December 1, 2004.

As children, Dragon Taureans found themselves in dangerous situations that they themselves created. These qualities are a distant echo of karma - all risk situations have passed. It was not uncommon for these types of people to be sorcerers in ancient times. In this incarnation, it is not necessary to avoid conflicts.

In this life, Dragon Taureans must collect supplies of energy to build a new holy temple in their soul. All arts suit them well - painting, singing and various handiwork. The only way for them to be financially comfortable is to excel in their profession. If they try to get something without any effort, this will lead to a number of crises.