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Find out How Venus Entering Gemini will Affect you

Antonia R.Antonia R.

From April 24 to May 19 Venus will remain in Gemini, which is going to change our understandings of romantic relationships, aesthetics, harmony and financial issues.

In the period of Venus in Gemini, meeting new people will be easy and spontaneous. We'll be able to form new contacts more freely than usual and since Gemini is an intellectual sign, attraction will happen based on mental capacity.

Those who wish to build serious relationships will find it difficult to do so during this period, as flirts and superficial relations are going to be more successful.

You may meet suitable people while traveling or attending a learning seminar. Other potential places for meeting a new romantic partner are schools, libraries and cultural events.

You're going to win the attention of the opposite sex with your sharp mind, while long conversations will be a clear sign that the other person likes you. With a bit more optimism and sense of humor, no one's going to be able to resist you.


Focus on your hands in order to be more attractive - get a beautiful manicure, put bracelets and rings on.

The period of Venus in Gemini will bring more variety, fun and opportunities for gaining new knowledge. But alongside this we may be more capricious and inconsistent.

Over the next few weeks it'll be easier than usual to earn money but also just as easy to spend. We may find ourselves spending money on books or travel, while the time is unsuitable for investments.

Since Venus is the planet dominating over aesthetics and beauty, while it's moving through Gemini we can experiment more with our outer appearance. Don't be afraid to combine different colors and no matter what you wear, don't forget jewelry.

To find out in which field your intellect will be most appreciated by the opposite sex, as well as which aspect will make your knowledge and sense of humor most attractive, check to see which House of your natal chart is ruled by Gemini.