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What the Week has in Store for you Until April 30, According to the Horoscope


The final week of the month of April is going to bring us high doses of common sense and practicality in our actions. The New Moon in Taurus occurs on Wednesday, allowing us to build solid foundations for our ideas.

Whatever you have planned this week, prepare for hard and sequential work. Results will come slowly but we won't have to work extra in order to improve on them.

Starting Friday, Venus enters the sign of Aries and will be journeying through the fire sign sign until June 6. This transit is going to bring more impulsiveness into our relationships, making them more agitated and excited.

Aries - Bring order to your finances

The new week is going to be quite dynamic for you, as there are a series of upcoming events that are going to take you out of your usual routine. Up until Wednesday, try to bring order to your finances and get things in that field going in a positive direction. A little bit more effort may be required but you should not leave your work unfinished. During the 2nd half of the week, devote yourself primarily to family affairs. Singles have the opportunity for a new relationship.

Taurus - Start work on your old ideas

It's time to begin work on projects you had been putting off. You can realize a significant part of your undertakings, as long as you're ready to devote yourself to them completely for a long period of time. Don't expect your ideas to become realized the quick way because you're going to have to head slowly and methodically toward the end goal. Starting midweek, every nonstandard approach you utilize will bring you successes and push you forward. But be cautious when it comes to beauty procedures.

Gemini - Pay attention to your friends

You're not going to handle your tasks at the beginning of the week if you don't consult your close friends. Hear their opinion out carefully, even if you believe that your problems concern you alone and that no one could possibly understand you. You may come to important insights by speaking with others. During the 2nd half of the week, you need to focus on your friendships. Meeting with them more often will strengthen your bonds but may also reignite old conflicts.

Cancer - You're going to check how loyal your friends are

At the beginning of the week, your worries will be greater than usual, primarily because a large portion of your pre-chosen tasks have remained unfinished, while the deadline is approaching. Create a strict schedule and stick to it, without letting your worries take over. The week is going to be a real test of your friendships because only the most loyal among those close to you are going to respond, once they see that you're swimming in problems. At the end of the week, you need to thoroughly think over your plans about professional growth and start some of them.

Leo - You have opportunities for professional advancement

The new week can provide you a strong push toward professional growth, as long as you act with gusto. Analyze each of your dealings and the proposals you receive, while separating the useful from the useless. Give up on old approaches that no longer benefit you as they used to and try new methods. Be active but also consistent in your work. At the end of the week, you're going to have more free time for fun.

Virgo - Follow your old plans

Don't be overly trusting of any of the big promises you may hear at the beginning of the week, instead stay true to your own personal plans. If you have financial debt, now is the most suitable time to launch plans for quelling it. The days until April 30 will provide you the opportunity to expand your contacts if you pursue your interests. Toward week's end, give priority to your personal relationships. For singles, the period is ideal for meeting new people.

Libra - Seek the advice of more experienced people

The new week will be loaded with emotions for you, both in the personal and professional aspect. Your perspective regarding your finances and material wealth is going to change completely, while some of your investments undergo change as well. Don't turn down the aid and advice of individuals who have more experience than you in the field and pay attention to the details when making new agreements. Starting the end of the week, a new period of more challenges in your love relations will begin. It's going to be harder for you to compromise and find the middle ground when communicating with your partner.

Scorpio - A good period for new partnerships

The new week is going to get your partner relations moving and throughout the coming days you may sign new contracts, while singles discover a new love. The chances of finding a suitable person are high but even so, you have to keep your suspicious nature working and carefully study the new people in your life before trusting them. Don't rush to execute your plans, instead give yourself the necessary time to carefully order your ideas.

Sagittarius - Organize yourself in order to handle your tasks

During the week, only good organization will help you handle the heaps of tasks before you. Manage your time well, so that you can properly focus on each of your obligations. Even though you can't stand limitations, this time you're going to have to mind the conditions set upon you. You need to be more precise, in order to avoid making huge mistakes. At week's end, you're going to have more time for the hobbies that bring you the most pleasure.

Capricorn - Get your personal relationships moving

For you, the week will pass under the sign of new undertakings. Regardless of whether your ideas are related to your profession or something creative, now is the time to work actively on fulfilling them. Throughout the coming days, you can also stir up your personal relationships by bringing more passion and opportunities for fun in your long-term relationship. Expect pleasant changes in the family setting from the end of the week and good news from your relatives.

Aquarius - Present your ideas boldly

The new week is going to grant you opportunities for growing closer to friends and coworkers. All you have to do is share more with them and accept their advice without worrying when they criticize your mistakes. At the workplace, it's time for something new, so boldly offer up your more unusual ideas. But when working on projects, pay attention to the small details. The end of the week is going to ignite some of your old interests and may even provoke you to sign up for new classes.

Pisces - Keep past promises

Throughout the new week, you're going to have to handle the obligations you've already taken up. Don't be tempted to turn your back on your old promises because of something new and more alluring. Maintain a good tone in communication with coworkers and friends, even if some of their proposals seem unreasonable to you. Don't miss the opportunities for seeing your loved ones more often and communicating more, even if it's just through social media. You have the opportunity to improve your financial state toward week's end.