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See What the Stars Portend for the Week of April 3 - April 10


The week is divided into 2 halves. The 1st is more harmonious than the 2nd. The Moon will be going through Cancer, then through Pluto and Uranus. The situation may become too tense and demand that you take control over an excessively aggressive energy.

Conflicts invade your daily life but it would be good to avoid them. Only in this way will you stop them from worsening. If not, prepare for quite a number of messes.

The harmonious part of the week comes with the Moon in Venus. Misunderstandings harmonize naturally.

You have to pay special mind to retrograde Venus, which has been in this state since March 4 and will be so until April 15. This brings old problems in love out in the open; it's best to resolve them.

Aries. Seek help

Stop trying to finish everything yourself. Seek help, as early as the beginning of the week. If you do not, you risk falling into the chaos of your debts. Relatives whom you've been systematically avoiding due to a past problem will appear at your doorstep. It's time to discuss the problem. The period is favorable - have no doubt about it, everything will work out. At the end of the week, a deep conviction of yours will be eradicated. Accept that there's nothing wrong with people changing.

Taurus. You're handling everything

The week begins intensely. A challenge has come at the very onset of Monday, one which you'll have to handle alone. Don't accept any aid - this way you'll prove your ability to make independent decisions in your life. Don't hesitate - you're capable of handling things the best way possible.

In the middle of the week, be careful in the way you express yourself and with the words you use. You're capable of causing conflicts with a single phrase and you shouldn't. Toward the end of the week you're going to receive a tempting proposal that'll finally get you out of any financial difficulty. In the beginning, you're going to have to combine 2 activities.

Gemini. Be a bit more egotistical

You're fully capable of handling all of the undertakings you've set as goals. They will contribute to your development and bring you personal gain. It's time to be more egotistical than usual. There's no need to feel any guilt, to put limits on yourself and to worry.

Your personal life will change suddenly in the middle of the week. Surprisingly, even to yourself, you're not resisting the flow of events, in fact you're helping to speed them along. You understand that fixing your relationships is a must. Someone is going to try to win over your sympathy by acting like a victim.

Cancer. Overcome the past

The week will be critical in terms of your feelings. You're in over your head and not allowing anyone to help you. Your friends are spending frantic efforts but you're not giving ground. Your memories are preventing you from going forward.

You're becoming melancholic, which is not beneficial to you at all. Even if you're an artistic person, differentiate between real life from what's happened in the past. Take small steps toward the present. Even though you've lost something valuable, this will actually help you turn over a new leaf and change your needs.

Leo. Let go of the leadership position

It's finally your turn to reap the fruits of the correct decisions you've made these past few weeks. Logically and expectedly, you're taking a leap in your professional development. You have greater freedom at your disposal, so you can decrease your activity with a clear conscience. Give leeway to your coworkers and subordinates - they can't shine if you don't let them.

Plan vacations. Let your partner choose when and where you'll stay this summer. The time is suitable for resolving many of the issues in your relationship. In order for the solution to be beneficial, give up your leadership role in it.

Virgo. Start a new initiative

The stars encourage starting new initiatives. Set aside time and write down everything you want to start doing on a sheet of paper. Look over your ideas well and pick out one, two at most. Most activities are going to be a waste of your time and efforts. If you start now, summer promises to be engaging, as well as beneficial. Don't make sudden changes in the personal aspect and don't force things. You need peace and calm in order to gather your strength and passion for the upcoming adventures.

Libra. Selfless aid is repaid

This week has one thing for you in mind - for you to do a lot for others, out of the good of your heart. Selflessly. Your deeds will be rewarded but that's not the important thing in this case. Every action aimed toward loved ones will clarify your thoughts and help you see life in a better light. This is exactly what you need right now. The period brings misunderstandings with your partner, which will be quickly smoothed out and forgotten. During the weekend, avoid places with water.

Scorpio. Take hold of the energy

The current week brings moments during which you'll doubt yourself. Your fears are completely unfounded. Spring carries a lot of energy, which is waiting to be tamed. To make the most of it, act fervently wherever your intuition is suggesting you should. A second of hesitation will lead to delays.

If strong feelings wash over you - trust them. Don't be afraid to be entirely open and honest. Revealing your feelings requires courage, no matter what the response from the other person may be.

Sagittarius. Discipline and self-control dominate your week

Your abilities are put to the test. You're expected to exhibit maximum discipline and self-control. You haven't had to display these qualities often but it's time to get it together and justify these expectations. Everything you achieve is for yourself.

Thursday is going to be the most complex day in terms of self-control. Do not let others drive you off the rails by any means. You're stronger than you think.

Capricorn. Don't push yourself

Don't push yourself too hard this week. Just because you have the will doesn't mean you have the energy to do everything you desire. Start everything slowly and carefully. Bring the tempo down the moment you feel a lack of energy. You have the opportunity to finish things but do so a little later.

Your hurrying isn't bringing you anything beneficial, only troubles, which you're going to have to spend a lot of time fixing later on. Don't waste your time in a relationship that isn't bringing you any happiness and that has no future. Freedom is a virtue.

Aquarius. Be yourself

Be yourself - this is this week's motto. Think about the consequences but don't leave anything hidden away. You're a person who can be proud of yourself and your deeds, so feel free to leave your worries and shyness behind.

Ask insistently about anything important and always seek proof. If something doesn't suit you - say it clearly and don't give ground. Only give your consent when all of your requirements have been met.

Pisces. Energetic and collected - you're practically worth envying

You're brimming with so much energy that others around you are envious. You're the embodiment of unheard-of composure. Act on every front that requires action. The only aspect you need to limit your actions in is your personal life.

No matter how badly you want things with a given person to work out, sometimes it's just not meant to be. If someone truly wants to be with you, they'll invest the efforts and chase after you. You're giving way too much of yourself and it's time to stop.