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What to Expect in the Year of the Horse

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Year of the horse

According to the Chinese calendar, 2014 will be ruled over by the blue wooden horse.

It is believed that with the coming of the Chinese new year, every person is given the opportunity to drastically change their life.

According to an ancient belief, on the eve of the Chinese new year, every person must pray for a miracle and if the holiday is observed as is proper, their wish will come true.

In the year of the Horse, according to the Eastern calendar, certain values will shine in each person, and certain acts will be punished.

The Horse is energetic, enduring and often, quite impatient. He likes active people, values work and the feeling of freedom.

The Horse is unfamiliar with deviousness and the act of working behind the scenes. That is why he would hardly like insincerity and injustice.

It is possible for the Horse to be misled but if he notices the deceit, the trickster will be punished implicitly.


The year of the Horse will be diverse, dynamic, energetic, delicate and friendly.

2014 will be predisposed to mutual aid and support. This means that people will get the needed help, only if they are worthy of the things that they want.

You must rid yourself of everything that is unneeded and greet the new year with a clean plate.

According to Eastern teachings, possessions that are not used for long periods of time begin to siphon energy from their owners, which leads to apathy and health problems.

In order to attract prosperity and luck to your home, decorate it with live flowers. Furthermore, you must have something wooden in your household, because the coming year is after all the year of the wooden horse.

The element of wood will bring you calmness and security in 2014.

For those that intend to get married in 2014, it is recommended that they decorate their home with red candles.