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Mercury Enters Aquarius! Find out Where your Potential will Unfold

Antonia R.Antonia R.

The planet of communication and thought, Mercury, will be traveling through Aquarius from February 7-25. This movement will provide you opportunities for progress in certain fields.

As it moves through Aquarius, the planet will make communication more eccentric and original. Now is the perfect time for those in the scientific community to start their projects, as they will be able to rely on their nontraditional ideas.

Our thoughts in the period of Mercury in Aquarius may lead us toward escape from our routine and toward trying different things. It's likely we create more new contacts and friends over the next few weeks.

We'll rebel against limitations more often and we're going to have a strong urge to grow. We can rely on the support of friends or those who share our interests in achieving some of our dreams.

As such, there's no need to keep our intentions a secret, rather we should discuss them freely with those around us. The exchange of information and ideas will lead us in the right direction.


Take advantage of the fact that you're going to more easily see a different perspective on the issues you're working on, and thus move your plans forward.

Intellectual debates are also going to be stimulated. As long as you rely on your intellect and knowledge, you'll be able to shine in front of any audience. You're going to be more open to new ideas, while your sharp wit will win plenty of sympathies.

Quarrels may occur only if we oppose traditional beliefs. We'll count on past experience less frequently and even denounce all conceptions of the past. This is going to cause problems with discipline and responsibility but make us much more flexible in exchange.

During the next few weeks, the future will tremendously excite and energize us. Some brilliant ideas may even come to us, allowing us to change what we don't like in the present.



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