Mushroom Picker Tells of his Encounter with a Yeti
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Mushroom Picker Tells of his Encounter with a Yeti


A man from Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia shares his terrifying experience - his encounter with a mysterious forest creature, whose description matches that of the mystical humanoid known as the Yeti, or his cousin, Bigfoot.

The man came upon the bizarre forest dweller while en route to a remote forest area to look for mushrooms. His walk through the woods was nothing out of the ordinary at first until a giant, hairy creature, combining both animal and human traits, appeared before him out of nowhere. However, they had no direct contact because as soon as they saw each other, they both ran in the opposite direction.

"It stood among the trees and looked at me with its red eyes, " says the eyewitness, Daniel, in front of Russian media, even revealing the exact location where he encountered the legendary creature.

As it turns out, he isn't the only resident of Chelyabinsk Oblast who believes there to be a Yeti living in the region. Many others agree, stating that strange and unexplainable things often occur in the area.

They claim to have seen a humanlike silhouette, with a thick coat of hair and a clumsy way of walking, at least once while walking alone through the woods.

Some compare it to a monkey, others - to a bear, while still others are convinced that it's a person suffering from a rare disease who is trying to hide away from modern civilization.

Currently, the existence of the being has not been officially confirmed. And despite dozens of people from the US, Russia, China, India and many other countries saying that they've seen it, there is still insufficient evidence to prove the truth of their words.