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Sensation: Ufologist Finds Cities on Venus


The discovery of ufologist and amateur researcher, known on the net as mundodesconocido, has stirred up a genuine sensation. The man claims that he has discovered giant structures and cities of artificial origin on Venus.

According to mundodesconocido, the buildings and structures on Venus are undoubtedly the work of a highly technologically advanced extraterrestrial race.

But how did he make this find, the more skeptical of us might ask. Мundodesconocido has researched and analyzed photos that the Magellan spacecraft took back in 1989.

At the time, the spacecraft was sent on a mission to Venus to study the shape, chemical and tectonic processes of the planet.

After careful study of the materials that Magellan sent back to Earth, mundodesconocido posted an online video in which he claims there are extraterrestrial activities evident.

What's more, in the video, the ufologist takes viewers on a sort of walk through the largest city on Venus.


In the footage, we see objects which according to mundodesconocido served as residential complexes for the Venusians.

Evidently the structures were built by a highly technologically advanced race, as they continue to emit a mysterious light even now.

At the same time, a number of prominent astrologers and astrobiologists have rebuked the claim by mundodesconocido for the possible presence of signs of life and a civilization on Venus.

According to them, the shapes and formations that are visible in the footage sent by Magellan were actually created by volcanic flows over the course of billions of years.

But this doesn't explain why the natural shapes and lines that formed as a result of the climate and weather on Venus have such a regular geometric form.