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Why are Four-Leaf Clovers Considered Lucky?

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A four-leaf clover has always been thought to bring luck to the person who finds it. Even if received as a gift, a four-leaf clover will always bring happiness and luck to its owner. It's quite rare to find a four-leaf clover in nature.

There is no shortage of legends about why exactly a clover with 4 leaves brings happiness and luck. This is a plant that has for centuries on end been sacred to the Druids - Irish priests who performed special rituals having do with nature.

Others believed that a four-leaf clover was a holy plant since its 4 leaves formed a perfect cross. Anyone who found such a clover could carry it with them and be sure that what they had was a real holy sign that would bring luck and protect them during hardships.

According to the Druids the four-leaf clover was a symbol of the Holy Trinity. 3 of the leaves symbolized the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, while the 4th was the embodiment of God's blessing. Anyone who found a four-leaf clover or was gifted one by a loved one, would have luck.

Four-Leaf Clover

Other cultures also had their own legends about the four-leaf clover. It was a symbol of happiness and brought luck to the Bulgars as well.

They believed that the 4 leaves of the clover represented the 4 cardinal directions of the world. Other beliefs go that the leaves represented happiness, love, hope and faith.

If you find a four-leaf clover or someone gives you one, dry it and carry it close to your body. This way it will always bring you luck.

If you give a four-leaf clover to someone close to you, this means that you are bestowing them part of your own happiness because that is more important to you than your own.

A four-leaf clover can also be carried in a medallion and if it's dried well it can be passed from on generation to generation, to bring good luck to all members of the family. But the luckiest of all is a four-leaf clover that the person has himself found in a field.



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