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Full Spring Horoscope for Each Zodiac Sign

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Spring Horoscope

Astronomical spring is finally here and just like in nature, a period of great changes begins for all of us. But what exactly you should prepare for you can find out by checking your horoscope.

Aries - Be particularly careful after April 18

The first days of spring will charge you with a lot of energy and the desire to start a new project. You may change jobs or get promoted at your current workplace, providing you complete satisfaction. But after April 18, Mars goes retrograde and this will actualize some past problems. You will also face unresolved contradictions from the past in your romantic relationship. During this period, meet with friends more often and go out in nature.


Taurus - Love will take over your daily life

Love is the main theme that will dominate your thoughts this spring. If you're already in a relationship, you'll enjoy closeness and understanding with your partner during the spring months. Singles of this sign will meet a suitable partner in May. Love is going to make you shine in the coming months and you'll quickly infect others with your positive mood.

Gemini - Undertake important changes until April 29

The planets will be in your favor until April 29. You'll quickly handle any given tasks, while your activity at the workplace will noticeably improve your financial stability. Devote yourself to work during this period and you'll feel satisfied. But be more wary after April 29, especially if you have to travel. On the love front, arguments await those who are in a relationship. Singles should prepare for a lot of flirting but not for any serious relationship.

Cancer - Tranquil months without any big problems

You're going to enjoy a peaceful spring without any big problems. In the next few months you'll have an excellent opportunity to improve your relations with your higher ups. You have a chance to get ahead professionally and all without taking great risks. Singles will meet someone who, through vast perseverance and patience, will earn their attention. Non-singles won't experience any severe shakeups in their relationship. But starting the second half of April, be on your toes when traveling.

Leo - More work and an exhilarating love life

The spring months will bring you more work than you had expected. You're going to have to make big compromises with your free time in order to finish your tasks on time. Be responsible but also keep track of whether you're resting enough. A stormy period of conflicts awaits those in a relationship. The new relationships for singles during this period will be based primarily on passion and superficial emotions and won't last long.

Virgo - Get ready for more work


During the next few months you'll be busier than usual and almost won't pay any attention to loved ones. Just when you finally finish some of your tasks, new ones will appear. In your daily routine you'll focus chiefly on solving your problems but at the same time you'll be saddened by the fact that you're ignoring loved ones and not setting aside enough time for a break.

Libra - Harmonious and favorable months for love

Expect an exciting spring, resulting from the harmonious love relationship that will charge you with a positive mood. From the beginning of April, singles will have the opportunity to start a relationship with a dependable partner. For non-singles, the period will be a peaceful one and even if problems arise, they'll be overcome quickly. This spring you may once again meet people from your past and have to clear up old misunderstandings.

Scorpio - You'll be working for more money

This spring you'll be obsessed by the thought of improving your financial state. The idea of more money won't leave your head in the coming months but for it to become reality you'll have to work hard, not rely on an unexpected lottery win. In May you'll have to resolve old problems in love and you will have to prove to your partner that they are among your priorities.

Sagittarius - Be patient and responsible

Throughout spring you'll have to deal with more restrictions than usual. All assignments at work will be urgent and will require the majority of your time. Be prepared and try to meet the deadlines because otherwise you'll face serious consequences. Try to be more patient in love and don't put needless pressure on your partner.

Capricorn - You'll make progress slowly but surely


You have the opportunity to make progress this spring but must not be hasty. Focus your energy and enthusiasm in areas in which you're expecting results. Stick to your principles and plans and stay away from people promising you fast and easy money. An exciting period for your love life is also commencing, where singles may find their new beloved among coworkers or acquaintances. Non-singles will rekindle the old passion between them.

Aquarius - You'll restore some old friendships

This spring you'll restore your optimism and start to work harder. Forget about stability, see your goals all the way through. With your activity you'll easily attract the positive attention of others. During the next few months it's possible that you restore some of your old friendships. Many get-togethers for good occasions also lie ahead. The period is ideal for resolving your old problems.

Pisces - Tension with bosses and your partner

Even though you have huge plans for your future, throughout the next few months you'll have to come back down to earth and take a good look at reality. There's nothing wrong about your dreams but some of them are way too fantastical to become reality. Expect tension between you and your bosses since you don't feel well paid and they have no intention of raising your salary. Singles may find a stable partner this spring, while non-singles will neglect their partner in order to resolve other types of problems.



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