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Which Superhero or Villain are you According to the Zodiac?

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Are you a villain by nature or quite the opposite - will others count on you some day to save the world from evil? Find out the answer, depending on your zodiac sign.

Aries - Green Goblin

You're a true villain and you're the only one who believes you can keep your bad side hidden. The character that best represents you is the Green Goblin, one of Spiderman's archenemies.

Green Goblin

Taurus - Superman

You're a true hero, who uses your abilities and skills to defend those who are weaker. But fame is not for you and you prefer that the good you do remain a secret, while you lead an ordinary life.

Gemini - the Joker

You're a villain to the core and Batman's greatest enemy. Your dark and dangerous side never remains hidden and even if you present yourself as a harmless joker, sooner or later people discover the truth about you.

Cancer - Hellboy

It's not easy for you to keep your feelings under control but whenever you have to choose between good and evil, you always stand by good. Others may find your unpredictability worrisome but you can pleasantly surprise them.

Leo - Hulk

You are the misunderstood good guy. Even though your intentions are pure and you want to be the hero in society, your primal and unchecked reactions often brand you as the bad guy.

Virgo - Wolverine

Despite looking dangerous and strange, in reality your heart is filled with goodness and you would always come to the aid of one who needs it.

Libra - Batman


You are a true defender of justice but prefer to keep your good deeds secret and are not among those to brag about the huge favors you've done for others.

Scorpio - Lex Luthor

Not only are you a villain, you rank among the most evil. Just like Superman's greatest enemy, you are mighty and intelligent but you use your abilities to hurt others.

Sagittarius - Iron Man

Your superpowers didn't come naturally, you earned them yourself thanks to your immense curiosity. But whatever you achieve you use it to help others.

Capricorn - Penguin

You're a villain in the flesh and best described as Penguin - one of Batman's enemies.

Aquarius - Spiderman


You stand among the biggest superheroes of all time and even if you're timid and shy by nature, you become absolutely furious when justice is disrupted.

Pisces - Catwoman

You are one of Batman's major enemies but no matter what you do, a person can always forgive every mess you make because of your inborn charm and magnetism.