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Saturn is Retrograde - How This Will Affect us

Antonia R.Antonia R.

From March 14th to August 2nd, Saturn will appear to be moving backward between Sagittarius and Scorpio, which will be most severely affected by the planet's retrogradation.

Saturn is the planet responsible for discipline, self-control and the limitations set on us by society. Throughout the months of its retrogradation, we are required to strictly follow the rules and our obligations.

The retrograde motion of the planet sets regulation and structure, which we must adhere to, lest we be punished by fate.


Actions that are not well thought out but decided on spontaneous impulse will also be punished. Since Saturn is not one of the planets in astrology that pack a punch right away, the consequences of our decisions will be felt down the road but we definitely will be facing them.

The period of Saturn's retrogradation is the perfect moment to bring back our sense of reality, to be rid of our delusions, fantasies and illusions, which we've made a part of our lives for whatever reason.

It is also possible for more obstacles to get in our way throughout this period but they must not drain our will, ambition and desire for success.

The planet is retrograde in the signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio, due to which it is not advised to begin anything in the areas of education, traveling abroad, religion and financial operations.


It is Sagittarii who will be the first to feel the influence of the retrograde Saturn. They are asked to be more strict, to uphold made promises and not be too hasty in their actions and words.

Due to their fiery temperament, the retrograde period will not be easy for them at all, testing their endurance and patience.

For Scorpios, the backward motion of Saturn will require them to fix mistakes they've made in the past. Representatives of this sign must use these months to adjust those areas of life where they don't feel comfortable.

Scorpios need to be cautious with the tasks they take up and not let their work pile up over time.



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