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How the Stars Will Affect us Today, October 20


The day is going to be full of tension and conflicts but the situations in which we'll feel on edge have the sole purpose of encouraging great changes within us.

The Sun in Libra and Uranus in Aries are in direct opposition today, which is going to cause anything that doesn't benefit us to begin to fall apart. But it's important to quickly get a hold of yourself and take advantage of the changes.

During the 2nd half of the day, the Moon will be entering Scorpio. This is going to help us realize that the purpose of events isn't to run us down but to make us stronger and more independent.


You've gathered enough information and spent enough time analyzing all the options for change. The day is pushing you toward actions and decisions by which your life is going to take on a completely new course. Even if you're not fully certain of success, don't miss the opportunities before you. Your actions will also influence others around you, so don't ignore their words and advice.


Throughout the day, your positions may clash with those of the people around you but try to understand others' viewpoint before getting into conflict with them. But even if after your composed conversation with them it turns out that your priorities differ from theirs, feel free to walk away or turn down the favors they're asking of you.


Today, those around you are going to be more easily irritated by your own irritation but if you attack them in turn, pointing out their shortcomings, you'll only create scandals, without achieving anything in practice. Instead of getting angry at the comments they're making, think about whether they have grounds for criticizing you and if so, pull yourself together and create order in your surroundings.


If you have unsatisfied needs and desires, today is the time to talk about them openly. Take the initiative in resolving your problems, don't wait for things to magically fix themselves. It's possible that you're feeling vulnerable and lacking self-confidence but if you continue hesitating you'll miss the opportunities before you. Forget about the past and look to the future.


Today you're going to have to clearly define your boundaries and show those around you what's unacceptable. Don't let them take advantage of your goodness and generosity; once you see that they're going too far, tell them about it and do what is needed to restore your past peace of mind. Don't let yourself be a puppet on a string for others or a mediator between conflicts.


Begin to control your daily life in a more practical manner. If you'd like to see results from your work, throw out everything old and unneeded. Focus only on what works because no matter how badly you may want to, you can't deal with several tasks at once. Listen to your intuition to make the right decisions if you're in doubt.


You're going to have to be more rational today, especially when it comes to financial issues. Don't take up anything related to spending money, as this will bring imbalance to your budge and it will be difficult for you to fill the emerging gaps later. Follow the plans you've made ahead of time and measure twice before cutting to avoid doing something that won't benefit you at all.


Today you'll be able to bridge the gap between your huge fantasies and the present. All you need do is listen to your intuition and follow the signs around you. Look around and see what the present is telling you, to assure yourself that you're not just dreaming of illusions but are indeed able to realize your desires.


Just maintain a high level of self-esteem today and you'll finish everything you've started. Pay no mind to outside criticism if you're confident enough that your projects have potential and deserve the attention you're giving them. Certain individuals may try to hit you below the belt but you have to keep your head high.


Include your imagination in your plans for future success because if you limit yourself to reality, you'll be depriving yourself of a stage on which to demonstrate your abilities. Share your ideas with those around you and exchange views in order to bring out the best possible results from your plans over the coming months.


Today you may earn greater authority over others if you speak openly about your ideas and plans. But limit your subjects to the realistic because if you focus on unfinished projects you'll only repel the people around you. Try to speak clearly and to the point.


Everything you've been fantasizing about, whether a new relationship, job or exotic trip, will become reality only if you take the initiative toward its realization. Try to break your old prejudices and even pursue the impossible because only you can decide how far you'll go.



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