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Shooting Stars Make Wishes Come True This Week


We'll be able to witness an unbelievable dazzling spectacle this week. Within days we'll be able to clearly see the most remarkable cosmic event of the summer - the Perseids meteor shower.

In actuality, the meteor shower began back in July but its peak is expected to be on August 13.

That is why this week is perfect for setting up a romantic date out in the open or simply an evening walk with friends. According to experts, by looking toward the sky during the next few nights we'll bear witness to nearly 100 meteors, all within a timeframe of 60 min.

Astronomers assure that viewing conditions will be favorable this week. They state that on the night of the 12th going into the 13th of August, the Moon will be in a phase that will not negatively impact our observations since it won't be creating a light background in the sky.


Even so, to make sure we experience a livelier starry show, we'll have to pick out an area with better visibility.

Examples include places outside of town or small populated areas, where street lights won't interfere.

Every year during the month of August we can witness this meteor shower. The meteor shower itself is actually leftover debris from comets that enter the atmosphere with noticeable speed. They glow briefly then fade away. Astronomers explain that they burn up about 62 miles above Earth's surface.

We invite you on the night of the 12th going into the 13th of August, or at least during one of the coming days, to find a quiet and secluded spot and make a wish in the presence of your sweetheart. After all, they say that shooting stars make wishes come true.