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Scorpio Woman and Gemini Man Love Compatibility

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The love between the Scorpio woman and Gemini man is dramatic but also quite compelling. They will constantly get into fights and make amends, break up and come back together, but their love will be immensely powerful.

They shouldn't argue over little things because this will unleash memories of past arguments and there will be no end to it.

Their love connection is a true challenge for both, but the end result is worth it, since their emotional connection is supreme.


The Gemini man does not tolerate an overly attached girlfriend or excessive limitations. He highly values his freedom and independence. It would be difficult to make him give up all of that because of love.

Even if he loves a woman deeply, he will defend his right to be free. You cannot expect a Gemini man to be loyal to you. It is this that the Scorpio woman does not agree with.

The Scorpio woman has a proprietary nature, she does not tolerate a man who flirts, even less so a man who openly cheats on her. The female Scorpio wants her chosen one to belong to her only. She is infinitely jealous, even jealous of waitresses in cafes they visit.


To keep her male Gemini, the female Scorpio is ready to spoil him all the time. She will give up her own ambitions and desires in order to keep the Gemini man as long as possible. Ultimately, she may even surrender and accept his cheating, just so he stays with her.

If the Scorpio woman decides to pressure her beloved, he will not tolerate such interference and there is a high chance of him leaving her. This will discharge all of the wrath held by the female Scorpio, who will actually ignore her own feelings, in order to try to bring back her man.

Problems arise in this couple when they decide to live under one roof. The Scorpio woman will constantly criticize her partner, thus causing a storm of negative emotions in him.

After they have a fight, they will forgive each other and this will continue like this forever. The amount of stress in this relationship may be worth it if they both decide that they have found the love of their life.