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Gemini Woman and Virgo Man Love Compatibility

Love compatibility

The planet ruling over both zodiac signs is Mercury. This is the main reason why Gemini and Virgo are a couple. The Gemini woman is very pleasant and is able to delve into the mind of anyone - it is easy talking with her, she has a sense of boundaries and always knows how to stimulate the person across from her.

For her, the Virgo man is not the introverted person he himself claims to be. Using plenty of her charm, she is able to quickly and easily make him relax and talk to her, in the same way that he talks with his friends that he has known for years.

In this relationship, the Gemini woman is a bit more active. The reason is that the Virgo man is quite cold and distant toward unfamiliar people. In an unfamiliar environment, he often feels endangered and is often incredibly reclusive and suspicious. But once she has managed to provoke him, she has his attention. With a woman from the zodiac sign of Gemini, the Virgo man becomes different.

The Virgo man has the need of taking part in intellectual conversations, to feel that there is a point to the communication. And the female Gemini can offer it to him. She is fascinating and always well-informed, which makes any dialogue with her extremely pleasant.

The ice that is usually present on first dates is nonexistent in their case, all thanks to the flirtatious Gemini. The Virgo man is not completely sure what is happening - whether she is flirting with him or whether she is like this by nature. And even though in any other situation this would push him away and confuse him, in this case he feels even more attracted to the charming Gemini.

The relationship between a Gemini woman and Virgo man has a chance for success - as a team, they are both highly compatible, they understand, complement and like each other. In the sexual aspect they are fairly different but with the passage of time they will get along there as well.

The Virgo male wants everything to be done in the best possible way and this fully applies to sex. You can entrust him with your fantasies because he will take care to make them happen.

The problems in this connection may appear right at the beginning - there will be hardship up to the point when you fully win each other's trust.