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Gemini Woman and Gemini Man Love Compatibility

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Gemini are deeply curious by nature, they love intellectual puzzles, have a sense of humor and can handle any irony or jokes aimed at them. They have their own views about life and follow them strictly. This is particularly true of the male Gemini.

They do not like ordinary things, the easily attainable; they need a challenge - this is more characteristic of the female Gemini. Even though they may sometimes appear unorganized, deep within, they have a clear plan and goal to reach.

Gemini men and women are quite different from each other. Gemini women love to flirt, often it is said that they like the easy life. This is hardly a true definition - they are simply people who love to have fun and enjoy being desired.

Gemini men have their own clear picture of the world and their place within it, they prefer to dream and take part in shenanigans. Despite this, they follow their own plan step-by-step. In the eyes of others they may seem aimless but they head slowly and with determination toward their goal - one that they visualize in their own way.


Such a union between a Gemini man and Gemini woman will ensure both the opportunity to ponder and to learn to accept the differences of the other. Problems in their relationship may cause flirting and jealousy. But this is nothing fatal - they must simply learn to accept the other person.

This is an utterly energetic and fun couple - in the best sense. They will have fun all the time, will talk all night and will laugh at the most unbelievable things. To outsiders, this couple will look like a couple of teenagers in love, encountering this feeling for the first time.

The wonderful thing about both Gemini is that they are not interested in how things appear from the outside. They are capable of living in the moment and attracting attention with their spontaneity. In order for them to make this relationship long-lasting and meaningful is for both to accept that they are together and to be considerate of each other.