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Gemini Woman and Male Scorpio Love Compatibility

Gemini Woman and Male Scorpio Love Compatibility

There are no other two zodiac signs that have such a significant contrast in characteristics as the male Scorpio and Gemini woman. Although you will find them on two separate ends of a rope, there is no lack of cases where they will come together in harmony.

This pair is often inconsistent and in conflict with each other, but with careful communication, they can become a "real couple." However, things for this pair are not always rosy, the Scorpio man and Gemini woman will face more tests than any other couple in the zodiac.

A male Scorpio is known for his passion and jealousy. There is a fine line between passion and obsession and the Scorpio can often unknowingly cross it, which causes him to show strong signs of jealousy. When this happens, the Gemini woman can become remarkably shocked.

She might misunderstand it as an act of love and not give it great significance. But since this will be often found in their relationship, she will see these extreme fits of jealousy and will not like them. She may even leave him because of his irrational behavior.

Since the Gemini woman has a social calendar and a life that is insanely busy every day, she will not care much about the interference in their relationship. She will want to maintain her schedule as well as to avoid any changes to it, this will show her eccentric side to him.

A Gemini woman will want to keep you busy all the time and will give you a job to do, whether it needs attention or not. Do things with her schedule kept in mind, and you will be in her good books. Try to change it or to persuade her to give up something, and you will almost certainly be kicked out.

When there two come together, they make the ultimate fireworks, but not for good reasons. The jealous nature of the Scorpio man will reach new heights when he sees his Gemini woman aimlessly flirting at a party.

He will also try to limit her free nature, but the relationship will end and he will be hurt because a Gemini woman will not take lessons from anyone, even from her closest aide. It will be very difficult to tell her that she will have to change her lifestyle and become flexible, but if she does not, she may help her partner change instead and this will bring balance to their relationship.

They will not even share the same level of excitement and chemistry in bed, because they will want different things from their partners. A Gemini woman will look at love like a typical man. However, the Scorpio man will be deeply included in the relationship, making love making an attempt to be something more than just the enjoyment of each other physically.

Many conversations and maturity, coupled with tolerance are required for this connection to work in the best possible way. If this relationship does not get the desired amount of care, it will fall apart as easily as it began.