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Scorpio Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility


Scorpio is seen as the most stubborn sign out of all the zodiac signs. He always has an opinion, which must be heard. Scorpio simply must share his views. The greater majority of Scorpios believe that they are never in the wrong and that everything is a matter of different points of view. But theirs is always the right one. They are labeled as quite difficult and extreme in their views.

In general, to try to determine the temperance of Scorpio is an impossible task - whatever you might say won't be enough and the representatives of the sign will say that it's not true. They are the perfect colleagues and friends - you can always get along with them. There are a few main rules when communicating with someone of the sign of Scorpio - never underestimate them and betray them.

If 2 representatives of this sign have a relationship, it would be utterly fascinating. Even though to the outside world it looks strange, they actually complete each other perfectly. Both are painfully forthright. The male Scorpio takes good care of his family. He knows how to love and respect. These qualities are not lacking in the female representatives of Scorpio either.

In their personal relationships, both love thrills and games - the wonderful thing in this connection is that the game is familiar to both and surprises are never ruled out. And even though the families and friends of both Scorpios may not approve of the connection, it should not matter to them.


They have a true, fulfilling friendship, high passion in their intimate relations, an honest relationship - what else could a person want from a relationship? There are of course a few things which are not particularly positive. There are no relationships without disputes and this couple will experience them.

If they get into an argument about something and both assert that they are in the right, this would mean that the argument may last quite a long time. They have a hard time reconciling, all due to their notorious stubbornness.

Furthermore, they are quite jealous, with the man taking the prize in this case - Scorpio men are horrendously jealous. But ladies, be careful, because this does not mean that he hasn't noticed someone else around you. Neither of them would be able to put up with cheating.