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Gemini Woman and Cancer Man Love Compatibility

Love compatibility

A Gemini woman and Cancer man - this combination can be deadly. Here we are talking about the Gemini woman, who is unsurpassed when it comes to flirting and the Cancer, supremely amiable and loving peace and comfort.

In general, the love between these 2 signs is very likely, but from the beginning to the end of their relations, no matter how long they last, they will argue. Their arguments may be about all kinds of things, including daily rounds, but everything will be incited by the jealousy which the Cancer feels toward the flirtatious and glamorous female Gemini.

In all actuality, the Gemini woman can easily have a fulfilling and long-lasting relationship, without the fact that she flirts meaning anything at all. For her, it's something like a pleasant experience, in which she doesn't put in as much passion and emotion as you might think - it's just her way of having fun.


Be that as it may, the Cancer is not of the same opinion. He cannot bow his head and tell himself that it's only a game, that she doesn't put anything into it. After all, we are talking about feelings, and a large part of people who put in feelings cannot accept that the other person is having fun by flirting and having their gaze wander.

Otherwise, their relationship can be truly wholesome - both love strongly and are remarkably devoted, love is something both have waited for for a long time. Sexually, they will also feel great - both Cancer and Gemini carry abundant passion within themselves, so there will hardly be any problems in this regard.


A problem for them might be the male Cancer's neverending will to attract attention and receive all of the world's love every given minute. It's in his nature - he loves very passionately and loves to show it and have it be shown to him.

But the female Gemini is a bit more willful and free than he thinks - she can also be in love but doesn't find it necessary to say it and show it constantly.

This will gradually cause friction in their relations because Cancer will begin doubting the strength of her feelings.



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