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Capricorn Woman and Gemini Man Love Compatibility

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The Capricorn woman has the unusual and desired by all ability to become younger with each passing year. The Gemini man on the other hand stubbornly refuses to grow up and accept that he's an adult, even when he turns 40.

It is most likely for them to meet when they are middle-aged and their vibrations are equal and aligned.

The Gemini man will find wisdom in her, which he will highly respect and be impressed by. After all, he is a big boy who has a hard time realizing that he's now a man with responsibilities.

There are distinct differences in the characters of these 2 zodiac signs. Only the strong love between them can overcome these drastic differences in their characters.

If such strong love does not exist between them, they will simply go their separate ways and will not be able to remain in a long-term relationship.

In this union, there is no all-powerful and searing passion to burn both partners. The nice thing is however, that both have something they can take from the other. The Gemini man will succeed in reevaluating his life, something he has a genuine need of, while the Capricorn woman will disregard her virtuousness for a bit and discover the fun side of things.

Even if they break up, she will thank him for showing her the fun side and for more or less changing her.

Sexually, they will also have problems. Harmony in the bedroom will not be reached right away. She is not the most experienced partner but is a quick learner and will manage to fulfill his desires. With time, the sexual relations between them will reach new heights.

Do not underestimate the female Capricorn. She may appear modest and reserved, but is capable of very powerful feelings. In the beginning, she will give you the impression of a shy lady but once you get to know her well, you will see her true self.

The male Gemini is often notorious for being an incorrigible womanizer, who likes to chase after hard-to-get women. This attracts him particularly, which is why he will become obsessed over the Capricorn woman. Be careful, for sometimes his feelings may only be on the surface.



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Road runner
Road runner
13.02.2015 04:20
Yeah this is swell because of money savings and charity efforts which means they both have ways of good communication
markeyta ward
markeyta ward
17.04.2014 23:43
Me and my fiance have been. 2gether 4 five year's we have a set of twin identical boys I love him very very much but I am the mother of twin boys not 3boys I always say he and I where ment cause he's a Gemini(twin sign ) and THT. Is wht we have I'm still working on him and I'm a capricrn this relationship will take some tym but I'm a patient woman.we complete each other and in my. Heart the day will come when we're married Tht is real soon..with every gem man u have to have a hell of slots patients and if God says so then so it will b...all smiles: