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Gemini Woman and Taurus Man Love Compatibility

Love compatibility

The beginning of any relationship is always exciting - you hold hands, say sweet things to each other, kiss constantly. In the beginning, you cannot detach yourself from your beloved. You have the need to be with them all the time, to sense their warmth, scent, touch.

But after a while, these things begin to fade one by one or perhaps the desire to be with that person constantly diminishes. What is not quite clear is why these things are happening. Is it because of the fact that you have stopped loving them?

It might be said that after the initial thrill has passed, love has also gone. Is it because falling in love is now a bygone phase and you now feel "actual" love? What is actual love - you either love or you don't.


There might be a chance for things to have settled with that person, but this is hardly the reason for not having the physical need for them to be by your side all the time. It's more likely that we have gotten used to the person. We begin to take the person for granted, to accept everything that they do as a normal part of their obligations.

And this is the first mistake in a relationship. We shouldn't think that anyone owes us anything. We must show our love constantly, every day, because otherwise we risk losing the person in the most ridiculous way.


Ask a Gemini woman about these things - she has lived through many such relations. With her, the moment her imagination stops being stimulated, she loses interest. She doesn't do it on purpose of course but is just the way she is. She loves being stimulated nonstop.

And that is exactly what the Taurus man does in a connection with Gemini - constantly stirs up her consciousness and thoughts. He takes great care to keep the lady by him with all kinds of interesting ideas, he constantly shows her how much he loves her and how much she means to him. She is thankful and responds properly to his feelings.

Problems may arise when he gets tired of being everywhere for her or if he tries to take away her freedom. If the Taurus man tries to tell the Gemini woman that she must limit herself - that would truly be the beginning of the end.

It is not fully known whether this is a harmonious connection but with the passage of time they may become friends. In the sexual aspect, they have different needs - they must get to know each other well.