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Unexpected Features of Leo

Nina NordNina Nord
Leo Character

Not everyone is meant to be the center of the universe, but according to those born under the sign of Leo, their mission in life is exactly that.

According to Leo, his vocation is to control the fates of others and to be loved by all. For Leo, admiration in the eyes of others is very important. Leo is unhappy if no one worships him.


For Leos it is important to be considered noble and generous. The world, in a Leo's view, is a huge stage on which he can show his talent.

The arrogance of the Leo is able to poison the lives of all who are in close contact with him. They are left feeling very confident, but are actually tortured by doubts on this issue.

They are crazy about what they look like and that is their weak spot. Money is also a weakness. They find it difficult to conceive innuendos and are not interested in the mood and desires of others.

The Leo is not a good psychologist, so he can be easily won over using compliments. Leo is ambitious and aggressive and quite selfish.

From an early age, they blackmail people for money and services. Even his relatives quickly tire from his great pride and sense of dignity.

Leo Sign

They often spend much more than they are able to earn. They make large debts and return them with difficulty. Leos have a great passion for gambling, even though they have absolutely no luck in this field.

Leo tries to be first in everything, but rarely succeeds. However, if successful, he puffs up excessively. His sense of his own greatness directly borders obsession.

When Leo is offended, it is downright unbearable. They punish others in various ways, being capable even of great treachery.

Ideal partners for Leo are Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Gemini. Leo cannot stand Aquarius and Taurus.

With other signs of the zodiac, Leo can achieve a good relationship as long as they constantly admire his every word and every action.



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25.01.2014 12:32
iam a leo and some of these facts are not right i guess although some r true