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Unexpected Features of Sagittarius

Nina NordNina Nord
Sagittarius Sign

Sincere and charming Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21) often looks like a happy child. Their childish optimism continues to radiate from them, even if they were to know about the forthcoming end of the world.

Since childhood, Sagittarius has loved to drive friends and family to follow his strange ideas, that are sometimes just whims. Those who do not wish to please the vagaries of Sagittarius should know that there is no chance for reconciliation with the representative of this fiery sign.

Sagittarius character

In life at home, Sagittarius requires much care since he comes out as a pathological liar. According to them, they only resorted to lying with a noble purpose, to protect someone's feelings.

Sagittarius loves huddles of people and parties, where eating and drinking are free. Overall, the Sagittarius likes to enjoy benefits that he has not earned. When shopping, they haggle and are always able to abandon a purchase if they cannot reduce at least a small part of the price.

Sagittarius only gives the appearance that he does not care about anything, and can cope with any situation. This is true, but only when with close friends and in family circles. When with strangers or his boss, Sagittarius is quiet and meek.


In life, Sagittarius suffers from excessive straightforwardness, but this is associated with a lack of tact. Sagittarius is able to talk to his boss about what his colleagues say about him, even when they are all present.

For Sagittarius, it is important to know that he is always right about everything. When accused of incompetence in any matter, Sagittarius is ready to explode.

Very often the words of Sagittarius run ahead of his thoughts. He often falls into unpleasant situations because of this. Love for Sagittarius is a sports track, on which they run at the speed of light, and risk losing their partner.

Sagittarius prefers to have a partner who is severely separated from their environment. They will move to where their partner lives, even if it is on the other side of the world.

Sagittarius is happy with Gemini, Aries, Aquarius, Libra and Leo, but should always stay away from Virgo, who is able to destroy their overly high self-esteem.