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Unexpected Features of Aries

Nina NordNina Nord
Aries sign

Besides the typical traits of each sign, the representatives of the different signs of the zodiac may surprise us with some very unexpected qualities.

Aries has brilliant talents and is a hard worker. But his irritability, stubbornness and temper hinders him.

Aries female

His desire to defend his position at all costs, whether it is correct or not, often becomes a mere despotism. Aries is impulsive and because of this, unpredictable. It is very difficult to work with them.

Aries is difficult to influence and does not listen to the advices of those wiser than him, just to prove that he is the most knowledgeable. But despite what Aries thinks about his own skills, he does not understand people very well.

They often encounter disappointments in relationships with people - whether it's friendship, love or family relationships.

Very often, Aries shows his most hidden features - they can be aggressive and combative and violent to the primitive level. He is convinced that happiness should always be thoroughly sprinkled with tears.


Aries is often troubled by his childhood. When Aries thinks, he actually turns red from the strain of trying to think of something even more interesting. Aries does not tolerate opposition, and reasonableness does not affect him.

When Aries drinks, he causes scandals. When he wants to prove something, he waves his hands to support his words with strong gestures.

His spouse needs to control the family finances, as Aries is capable of spending all the family savings, and then has no idea where the money has scattered.

Women born under this sign are ambitious and aggressive, they are constantly upset with the men in their lives, because they are unsatisfied with what their partners have achieved. For them, it is an honor to be with a man, who have achieved a lot in his life.

Aries men are very irresponsible and can hardly be persuaded to sit at home. Aries finds it very difficult to make friends with Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Libra, Sagittarius and Leo are his best friends.