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Unexpected Features of Taurus

Nina NordNina Nord

Taurus tries to achieve success thanks to his perseverance and the ability to tolerate almost anything. Taurus never abandons the path to the target he has chosen.

Taurus rarely listens to advice and is able to act without thinking, because he believes that the time to attack has come. This often backfires and their contemplated moves fail.


Tauri are often guided by their feelings when making important decisions, rather than cold-hard reasoning and this is one of their key mistakes. When angry, he literally looks like an angry bull, and his rage lasts quite long.

It is difficult for a Taurus to forget wrongs and he never forgives insults. The difficult to accept traits of Taurus that sometimes surprise even those closest to him are his great pessimism, stubbornness, greed, the cruelty he sometimes shows to others and his complete unconventionalist attitude.

Taurus is conservative, but may become fussy and even annoying. Taurus can easily become a suck-up and a snitch in the workplace.

Taurus sign

Taurus is the perfect employee, but in the effort to please his superiors may sacrifice his relationship with a colleague.

The Taurus man likes to pretend to be altruistic and the Taurus woman - a martyr. Taurus is an actor by nature, he despises even those closest to him and considers himself to be the center of the universe.

Taurus is crazy about money, for him it is important to be in a high position with a good salary to be happy in life. He spends only on himself, it is very difficult to get him to loosen his purse for a close one.

Taurus is too chatty and because of this trait, sometimes becomes boring and tedious.

Marriage with a Taurus is signed exclusively to the bank account, he does not believe in marrying for love. Taurus is very jealous, but that does not stop him from having love affairs, to keep his marriage fresh.

Taurus is a complete egomaniac and shows a degree of sadism to his relatives, though to outside observers, he is seen as the perfect family man.