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Unexpected Features of Virgo

Nina NordNina Nord
Virgo Sign

Those born under the sign of Virgo are intelligent and can successfully become analysts, but have much too high an opinion of their own abilities. Those abilities are in fact, really well developed, which helps them achieve great results.

Virgos value only perfectionists, so it is difficult for them to gather a circle of loyal friends around them. They love to constantly ask questions to find out more about a person. This is sometimes annoying, but to them, it is important to find out everything about their companion.

Virgos are extroverted and would do anything for their friends, but are generally modest in spending money and can even become a miser.

Virgo character

The desire to appear as a perfectionist often tires those around them with their constant remarks and attempts to intervene in their every action.

Although considered to be modest in their expenditures, Virgos spend too much. They buy expensive clothes and shoes without even thinking because it is important for them that everything in their closet has labels of famous brands.

But when it is time to throw away old designer clothing and shoes, they become needlessly nostalgic and do not want to part with them.

Most people born under the sign of Virgo are pedants and this pedantry can reach so far as to directly destroy the nervous system of their closest friends and relatives. The reason is that Virgos want their family and friends to be the same perfectionists as them.


Virgos do not forgive or forget, they are vindictive and do not rest until they see their enemy destroyed. The moralism of the Virgo is able to sometimes repel even their closest friends.

They do not tolerate cheating, but they themselves do not mind the occasional adventure. Virgos easily tire and are often ill, they suffer from constant fatigue and faintness.

The desire for hygiene in a Virgo can sometimes lead to an obsession with cleanliness. It is typical of the Virgo to devote every spare moment to the destruction of germs and dirt.

Virgos do not like long waits and uncertainty. They also do not like surprises, they want to be aware of every move of the people around them.

The Virgo is in perfect union with Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio and Cancer, but it can be difficult to reach some understanding with Aries and Sagittarius.