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Year of the Snake for Libras

Plamena M.Plamena M.

In the year of the snake, Libras should not expect miracles from fate. Although this year's main aim is the rethinking of their life, it will not be their sole task.

They have to take matters into their own hands rather than be lazy. And they will be surprised how much they can achieve by themselves. Work this year will be fun for them, they will have enough free time and the opportunity to meet with friends.

Another novelty this year will be an obsession with a new hobby for the Libras. It will not affect their finances much. Along with that, however, they should not forget the responsibilities that they have toward their family and children, if any. The home remodeling, which was planned long ago, is advisable to take place this year.

In the professional world, the year of the snake will bring representatives of the Libra sign numerous successes, accompanied by financial income. In recognition of accomplished work, they will be rewarded with a few business trips and at the end of the year can expect a good bonus. The situation will always be in their favor.

Work success

In the second half of 2013, Libras must be careful with new business acquaintances as they may find someone from a competing company who seeks to enter into their environment.

A plus for the Libras, not only this year but in general, is that they are stubborn and persistent. Even if taking small steps, they are always moving towards the target, and always have a plan in advance. They are always liked by their bosses and get many pats on the shoulder.

2013 is not suitable for starting a new job, as old positions are stable. It is possible to receive an offer of promotion. However, this should be considered carefully, because along with privileges, it brings new responsibilities.

Libras, 2013 is also suitable for starting your own business. At the beginning of the period, you will have pretty good savings and can achieve a long-desired dream. If you do not decide to go for it at this time, you will not have the opportunity again soon. Friends and associates will help in this endeavor.

Libras’ love life in the year of the snake will be in disarray. Long-forgotten emotions will come to the fore and make representatives of this sign think on whether the love with their current partner is true. Their partner, however, will convince them that they are the right choice indeed. Family relations will develop normally. Communicating with friends and family can bring forth surprising discoveries about them.