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Year of the Snake for Cancer

Plamena M.Plamena M.

The year of the snake will unlock many qualities in Cancer, such as empathy and compassion for others. Also, Cancers will be able to use their brilliant abilities to put others in their place.

In 2013, expect to learn and transmit knowledge to others. Your aspirations for knowledge will remain until the end of this year. You can also count on the strengthening of your position in the public sphere; you love to demonstrate your status to strong people.

During the year, you will encounter wise people. Older relatives will support you. Your successes will face difficulties that you will overcome this autumn. Patience and faith must accompany your every move.

Notions of good and evil will be clarified for Cancer in 2013, and their understanding of them will become final and absolute. The frequent feelings of boredom, loneliness and misunderstanding with others have accompanied you for a long time now. Many trusted people will leave you. Do not waste your emotions on them, you do not need them - they only cause trouble.

If you love being surrounded by loyal people that do not force you under a variety of unpleasant circumstances, 2013 offers inner strength, but also a lot of tension. Expect your soul to be tested, but no worries, you will deal with it as you have in the past.

Year of the snake

Many of you have set a high goal or goals in the past year. Patience and wisdom will be your companions in the implementation of these goals. In the first half of the year this will be easy, but in the second half, you have to try harder. In the middle of autumn, you will have to follow a more challenging road for rediscovering your value system.

When it comes to love, the year of the snake provides representatives of this zodiac sign cult level popularity. They will be the subject of worship, they will be put on a pedestal. It is at that exact moment that you must look within yourself and reevaluate your weaknesses. Avoid hurting the partner who loves you.

Long story short - in 2013, you can expect success. It will show you a path through which you will forget about feelings of emptiness and boredom, and the journey will bring many positive emotions and adventures.