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The nature of the blood types

The nature of the blood types

Your character can be defined not only by a star sign, but also the blood type of a person. Blood groups may even predict the success of certain people.

People who have an 0 blood group as a whole are purposeful, sociable and energetic. When you set a goal, you do not stop until you implement it.

People with this group can easily be excited about an idea and will do everything possible to implement it properly.

At the same time, these people are extremely sensitive and can easily be injured, although they do not express it to others.

They are very jealous, but they hide their zeal and prove to be the finest partners. With their family, they are honest and can tell loved ones everything.

People in blood group A are calm and sedate. These people have a strong desire to manifest harmony. They rarely argue and prefer to solve problems peacefully.

People with blood type A are resistant to stress and even after nightmarish situations are able to take themselves in hand, to focus on their work.

Sometimes, however, they fall into a long depression, with a pessimistic view of life, but that does not prevent them from pursuing their goals.

They have a strong desire for perfection and divide the world in black and white, good and bad. They try to help anyone in trouble.

People in blood group B are easily impressed by anything, always being quiet and calm, you do not show your emotions. They think ten times over, before saying something.

These people are imaginative, they are clearly creative people. They think and act in their own way, beyond stereotypes.

They make quick decisions, but also forget and forgive easily. They are difficult to keep in one place, liking to be constantly on the move.

These are people who can hardly keep calm, as they are constantly overwhelmed by new interests. It is easy to succumb to foreign ideas and opinions for them.

People with type AB are philosophers, their favorite pastime is to contemplate and reflect on what they saw and experienced. They remain calm in the most critical situations.

For them, beauty and coziness come first. They are excellent critics and psychologists that can assess and remedy any problem.

In your soul, you are visionaries. They can be torn by violent emotions, but never admit it and experience drama without having to tell anyone.