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The Blood-Chilling Story of Nazino: Russian Cannibal Island

Nazino Island
Image: Youtube

The small island of Nazino is located in Tomsk Oblast, Russia. It is famous worldwide but not for its beautiful vacation spots but instead for the inhuman violations that took place on its territory during the reign of Joseph Stalin. Because of the bloody barbarism the portion of land is now known as Cannibal Island.

During the 1930s, nearly 6000 people that Stalin found problematic were sent to the horrifying island. Initially, the plan was for the deportees to work the land and make it suitable for agriculture. But that wasn't quite what happened. During transportation to the island itself, around 30 people died, while on arrival, the rest were faced with inhuman conditions.

Nazino Bodies
Image: YouTube

They were given neither tools, nor food, which quickly led to death and cannibalism. The exiles to Nazino became so devastated by hunger and diseases that they literally began to cut off pieces of meat from one another and consume them without a shred of remorse.

Many tried to escape the hellish place by making rafts. But the vessels quickly sank. Those who actually did manage to get off the island were killed by soldiers.

In mere weeks, the number of inhabitants on the island shrunk from 6000 to 2000. Those of them who had miraculously survived up to that point were taken to a different island, where their living nightmare continued. History will remember Nazino as one of the most monstrous places during Stalin's regime.