The proudest star signs
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The proudest star signs

The proudest star signs

Proudest are said to be the people born under the sign of Leo.

They are ambitious, with a high self-esteem and like many compliments. They can not stand for someone to make public the ugly circumstances and facts about their lives. They want to build an image for themselves and it must be fully and carefully pre-planned.

Leos are easily wounded, if not complimented for work well done - to the extent that such a lack of acknowledgement would arguably be the most unpleasant treatment they had got. Usually, their ideas, initiatives and work should be accepted very warmly and praised by others.

Their relatives and children are highly valued to them and must be flattered as the most successful and generally best. Leo women are very touchy about others’ opinion of their appearance. They can not imagine that there might be another woman who overshadows them with beauty and skills. The same applies to men of this sign. Leos do not like to compete in any aspect of life and are incredibly vain and demanding.

Aries is also a very proud sign.

Arians do not like to fall, to lose, or to know that they are wrong. If found guilty of deceit, or a lack of skills, they try their best to find some justification as to why the fault may not apply to them personally. They transfer responsibility for their mistakes to others. They are difficult to get a "sorry" from, even if they seem aware that what they did was wrong.

For Aries, it is not enough to be flattered as it applies to the Lions - they want to complete their project without objection or extra requests. They can not imagine that another can be chosen as a leader or do their mentoring thorough criticism with a sense of superiority.

They are especially touchy and jealous while guarding themselves and their honor in family quarrels. They are always trying to impose their case and they are frustrated for some reason, they will remember well past occasions and will use that information at a convenient occasion. This makes them very unforgiving, but only until they are recognized for doing well. Then, their reminders and criticisms will be reduced in frequency and loudness.

Leos would accept more criticism and contempt in their narrow family circle, rather than public, while Aries is just the opposite. They also like more respect in their home and among the relatives than to impose their own ego at work at any time and they may exhibit some softness at work, just enough not to endanger their status of outstanding leaders.

Scorpio can also show great pride when they see that their honor is damaged or mocked.

The proudest star signs

They can accept mild criticism, which helps develop an analytical mind and high intellect, but their patience has a low and easily reached limit. When you notice them cheating and blackmailing, then all tolerance disappears and is replaced by a readiness for revenge and reprisals.

Then they can insult their opponent with an undermining of their work, attacks on personal matters and others. They may seem arrogant, sarcastic and bile, but this is just a response to provocation, which was not careful and that essentially was not entirely justified. Scorpio will defend their family name and honor at any cost, they have pride in terms of their ethnic affiliation too.

They, like cancer, would be offended at bad attitudes being pointed towards them, when based on ethnicity.

Cancer would be offended much more if you damage the reputation of their family. Both signs are unwilling to accept insults, which would challenge their families for their dedication and devotion to home and family.



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Cirese Summerrose
Cirese Summerrose
27.03.2014 15:01
This Scorpio mother has both Leo and Aries daughters and is laughing her asterisk off! :)