Perseids - the Legendary Meteor Shower

Perseids - the Legendary Meteor Shower

The Perseids owe their name to the fact that when viewed from Earth, the meteor shower appears to come from the Perseus constellation. It, in turn, is named after the famous hero from Ancient Greek mythology.


Meteor Shower

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Meteor Shower - Shooting Stars Make Wishes Come True This Week

Shooting Stars Make Wishes Come True This Week


Within days we'll be able to clearly see the most remarkable cosmic event of the summer - the Perseids meteor shower.

Meteor Shower - Shooting Stars Throughout August

Shooting Stars Throughout August


The peak of the falling stars will be between the 11th and 13th of August and will be visible without needing any special equipment. The most suitable time for observation will be between 10:30 PM and midnight.

Meteor Shower - What are Space Jellyfish?

What are Space Jellyfish?


Space jellyfish, also known as star jellies is the phenomenon that occurs during a meteor shower. For over several centuries, people around the world have discovered space jellyfish that have fallen after a meteor shower.

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