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What the Stars Have in Store for you for September 15

The Moon remains in Cancer today. From early on in the morning, it's going to be in a tense aspect with Pluto. You may feel worry, anxiety and doubt from 5 - 8 a.m. for no evident reason. Even routine events will seem difficult and frustrating.

That period is going to pass quickly. After 8:30 a.m. the situation is going to harmonize.

Up until tonight, the Sun and Moon are going to be in a harmonious aspect. This will contribute to quick adaptation and expansion of one's confidence.

Venus and Jupiter are in a harmonious aspect, which is ideal for all students. Everyone is going to have the chance to present themselves in the best light in every one of life's aspects. This fantastic phase will continue until September 19.


You're going to spend a great part of the day in thought. But if someone were to ask you, you'd find it difficult to explain what was preoccupying your mind. You're relaxed, slowed and lazy. This type of behavior isn't characteristic of you. Problems arise in the romantic aspect because you won't be able to understand your partner or what it is they want from you. Don't rely on your intuition.


It's a great day to express your position on subjects such as love and money. Others around you are ready to start following you and listening to you carefully. Today is a suitable time to talk about money and make a long-term plan. Great passion is on its way in your love life. Be devoted and you're going to enjoy brilliant and profuse emotions and feelings.


Today you'll be capable of resolving all issues having to do with your career. If there's something big coming up, make sure that all of the details have been accounted for. The main thing is to speak in a comprehensive language because otherwise your words may be misinterpreted. In your personal life, you may make a reasonable compromise for the sake of communication and understanding. Be responsible and thorough at work.


From the very break of dawn you've been in a position to achieve something exceptionally important. This applies particularly to your relationships with others. It'll be easy to form partnerships or romantic relations today. The reason is that you'll be communicating easily and be filled with enthusiasm. You're on the brink of a constructive period. You're confident in your own strengths, while your desire to change your life for the better is stronger than ever.


Today you're going to have to bet on formal contacts, carrying out your professional obligations and discussing serious subjects. A business trip is going to bring you additional discomfort. Your personal success depends on literacy, operability and organization. Don't impose your rules on others. Their proposed regime is going to take predominance - accept it.


Your partner may pretend to be strong but today they're going to show their true nature. You're going to realize that physical dominance isn't the most important thing in life. Your beloved is a very fragile and vulnerable person. Help them through the difficult times and don't let them break. This is particularly important at the moment.


Today, request the things that'll help you finish everything you've started. Don't start anything new if you don't have a reliable assistant. It's especially hard for you to assess the amount of work on this day and you're going to overestimate your energy. You're taking on things that you just can't handle. The stars advise you not to rush when it comes to personal changes because the results aren't going to be what you expect. Ultimately, today is not the day for expressing decisiveness and initiative, so it's better to sit back in the shadows.


New impressions are something you're missing lately. You feel the urge to change your life and for something new to happen. This could be in the form of relationships but they don't necessarily need to be new ones. If you have a person whom you truly love, you just have to change your worldview slightly. However, besides positive, the changes may also be of a negative nature because you're being led primarily by your emotions. Luckily, there's always someone by you to stop you from reckless action.


It's exceptionally important for your beloved that you understand them. It's highly likely for them to ask for advice on how to act in a situation that's come up. But that's not the most important thing. Today's focus is for you to find out what they feel and to try to act in unison with them.


Your beloved is finding it hard to accept that a given stage of your relationship is over. Realistically, there's nothing wrong with that - try to convince them of it. Soon you're going to enter a new stage, a much better, brighter and more interesting one than the previous.


You're convinced that the time has come for you to change something in your life. Naturally, you're a fan of changes, so it's not going to distress you. Before you voice your demands, think about the arguments you're going to use. Don't pose ultimatums to your higher ups - their reaction isn't going to be a good one. If you do it anyway, at least they'll know what to expect of you.


Today, the circumstances aren't going to be going much your way. But you'll still be progressing despite this. The secret to success lies in the correct choice of allies in life. Solitary actions are not going to yield the expected fruits. It's a beautiful day for a break and informal communication. The stars promise new people to meet. These will in turn lead to pleasant but also very serious relationships.

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