Your Weekly Horoscope Until July 23

This week falls under the patronage of the sign of Leo. The planet of communication, Mercury, is already traveling through the fire sign, while Mars and the Sun will also be entering Leo in the days to come.

A New Moon occurs in Leo at the end of the week, which is going to allow you to start various projects. You have the needed courage, you just need to openly express your desire.

Don't be afraid of the attention that you're going to be attracting in the days until July 23, instead take advantage of it, in order to realize part of your goals. You're going to earn praise through your actions easier than usual and this is going to positively affect your self-confidence.

Aries - Pursue your creative goals

This week you're going to have plenty of opportunities to unleash your talents and creative abilities. All you need to do is be bolder and do what your heart desires. In the coming days, predominantly pursue your own goals and don't miss openly sharing the achievements that you're most proud of. This is no time to be humble but to openly demonstrate your entire positive capacity. Luck will smile on you if you're the center of attention more often.

Taurus - Have fun with your family

Throughout the new week you're going to have more opportunities to enjoy family comfort and harmony. Be in the company of kids more often because games and conversations with them are going to make you completely forget about past tension. Do something fun with those closest to you because the memories of the event are going to stay with you for a long time to come. Forget about serious obligations and set aside more time for family fun and games.

Gemini - Develop your old ideas

This week you'll be able to develop old plans of yours and progress by using information from others. Don't hesitate to have your whims take center stage, as you will be commended for your bravery. In the coming days, your determination to speak in the name of others, to be their representative, will be met with approval. Change the aspects which you haven't liked so far and fate will collaborate with your ideas until July 23.

Cancer - Be proactive in order to earn additional income

The days of the new week aren't going to be the most leisurely for you but if you do not yield to the challenges, you'll be able to bring better earnings for yourself. It's time to act, not just dream, so be more proactive. Take control over your fate and stop blaming the circumstances. Your ideas likely aren't going to be realized as quickly as you'd like but you'll be able to focus on your work in detail, without allowing any big slip-ups and positive results will follow shortly.

Leo - A fateful week for you begins

The new week may turn out to be the most fateful for you this year. You have the opportunities to realize a great part of your dreams, while your problems will disappear 1 by 1. Change has already begun, so it's best to adapt to its tempo, instead of resisting. Projects you've started long ago are going to start producing their first positive results but you will need to continue working in order to see their full potential realized.

Virgo - Leave useless projects behind

The week until July 23 isn't going to be the most pleasant due to the waves of strong emotions that will be difficult for you to escape from. You need to part with certain old things and even though it'll be unpleasant to turn your back on your routine, it's just better to leave behind the things that do not benefit you in any way. Allow yourself to do something out of impulse or just because it seems fun.

Libra - Be with friends more often

Starting this week, you're going to be in the company of people whom you can joke and laugh with more often. Leave your shyness behind and express your artistic side to everyone around you. Regardless of whether you'll sing, tell fun stories or imitate people you all know, have a more artistic attitude and you'll earn positive feedback. Don't miss the opportunity to laugh to your heart's content and forget about your worries.

Scorpio - You may bring an old project to its successful conclusion

The week is going to allow you the opportunity to realize an old project and do so easier than before, on top of it all. You may overcome past limitations and start down a new road, without any despair or hesitation. You're going to be a real star in the eyes of others if you bring everything you've started to its completion and prove that there are no limits you can't surpass. You may be more dramatic than usual in your reactions but this should not frighten you.

Sagittarius - Be more spontaneous

If at the very beginning of the week you accept that there's no way for you to foresee the events currently happening and simply go with the flow, you're going to have more fun. Pre-made plans aren't going to do you any good until July 23, so try to be more spontaneous. When it comes to new adventures and the chance to try something new that you never have before, don't think too much about it, just do it.

Capricorn - Be honest with those around you

During the next 7 days you're going to have to find the balance between your desires and those of your closest. You need to be as open as possible in your communication with them, in order to reach a reasonable compromise. You don't need to sugarcoat certain situations or use hints and expect them to figure out what you mean. Be as direct as possible and tell them what you want, without beating around the bush. Your sincerity will be generously rewarded.

Aquarius - Look for a partner

During the new week, everything that you do with any kind of support or partnership, is going to flourish. If you've mostly relied on yourself until now, it's time to seek collaboration from others. Look for someone whom you share interests and begin to work with them toward your shared goals. Working in tandem, you have better chances for success and being noticed by those who would provide you material compensation for your work.

Pisces - Work hard to have successes

In the days until July 23, work is going to be your only source of fulfillment. So don't wander about, instead get serious with your obligations. Come up with a schedule at the very start of the week and try to follow it through. Mark specific goals which to aim for - don't think be left with the persuasion that positive thinking is enough to realize your dreams. Now is the time to begin positive actions.

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