See What the Stars Portend for May 19

There's only one thing we need to bank on today and that is - humor. We need to choose it carefully, in order not to offend anyone. We need to be reserved in front of others, whom we don't know very well.

Representatives of the stronger sex are going to be the most dangerous today, since it is much rarer for them to think over their words before they say them. Their jokes and quips may unintentionally hurt others, particularly the ladies around them. This, in turn, will bring their animosity upon them.

To avoid confrontations and quarrels, speak quickly and clearly. Any complex explanation would only bring problems. If you follow this piece of advice, only good things will happen to you. The day is going to be exciting for all the lonely folks out there because love will activate itself for them as well.


You're taking up something new and serious. This will lead to noteworthy achievements and solid rewards. It's time to set aside some time to enjoy the family setting. Don't worry - you're going the right way. An intense love is going to ignite between you and money.


You're investing effort but it all becomes worthwhile once you achieve the success you had been aiming for. The only limitations for the future are found in your head. Before you do whatever it may be, listen to your feelings.


Try to stay far away from your typical daily routine. Soon you're going to have to find a way to restore your financial means. Let others have their say. Listen to every word being said, then use what you've learned to your advantage. It's time to stride ahead boldly.


Don't do anything extreme, even if you've been called boring lately. Put safety first. You easily adapt to every new situation. Luck is on your side - take advantage of it. People you know from various fields are playing important roles in your tasks.


Try not to trust random people. Your emotions are exceptionally strong and can lead you off the right path. Your luck may deceive you, so don't trust it. Always rely on yourself. Open your heart - magic is all around you.


Plan your upcoming expenses. You've always been good at coming up with plans, so use this quality of yours now. You're going to have to explain the same thing over and over a number of times before you're understood correctly. A loved one is going to teach you a valuable lesson.


You're in a bad financial situation and have to get a loan. To get out of your current state, make achievable plans for yourself. You need a lot of patience, in order to finish what you've started. Luck is fickle, so rely more on yourself.


All of the solutions are in your head; you just need to realize it. Thoughts of grandiose changes will arise slow and steady. Obstacles appear in the professional aspect. Always play it safe, even when you're 1 step away from your goal.


You're working hard to increase your earnings. Don't rush forward and always make plans, which you're going to follow strictly and unwaveringly. Exhibit patience and persistence in your relationships with the youngest and older members of your family.


A certain situation is going to test your patience. Singles have the opportunity to find the right person for them. Others around you are noticing that you look different. The universe is ready to give you the key to happiness - take it with open arms.


Your relations with your family are taking center stage. Display patience and persistence, so that everything runs normally. The time is especially suitable for drastic changes. You feel a need for changing your workplace and for traveling. A single change in tempo will do you good. Your expectations are great, while you are calm.


The key to happiness lies in your ability to adapt. The stars are allowing you to resolve a problem that's long been plaguing you. Use your excess energy for work. At the same time, try not to repeat old mistakes.

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